Birthday Gift Ideas For The Person Who Has Everything

Gift ideas for the person who has everything

Gift ideas for the person who has everything

Birthday Gifts For Hard To Buy For People

We all have those hard-to-buy-for people in our lives which means that birthday gifts can be difficult to find. I've put together this list of ideas to help get your creative juices flowing. Finding the perfect gift is all about ascertaining what the person likes and dislikes because a gift tailored to their specific interests will most likely be a big hit. So the next time your friend or family member that has everything celebrates their birthday, make your gift-giving a little easier by trying out some of these great birthday gift ideas. After all, you want to find something that will bring a smile to their face and not find its way into the back of their closet or junk drawer!

Themed or Hobby Gifts

Depending on how well you know the birthday boy or girl, hobbies are a great place to look for gift inspiration. Some people just don't have obvious hobbies like golf or scrapbooking, but everyone has things that they love doing so just use your imagination and creativity. And if you want to go the really easy route, you can always get a themed gift basket online and have it shipped directly to them for a great birthday surprise. Here are some great do-it-yourself ideas for various interests.

gardening gift basket1) Gardener - If they love gardening, a plant, garden sculpture or a book about growing perennials in their hardiness zone would great gardener gifts for the person's birthday.

2) Book Lover - Depending on how much you want to spend, you could buy anything from a bookmark to a book of the month club where they get a book delivered to them every month. Gift cards from their local Barnes & Noble or from would be fabulous as well.

3) Fisherman - consider buying him some lures, tackle or new fishing rod. A gift certificate to somewhere like Gander Mountain or Cabela's would be greatly appreciated as well.

4) A Mom - we all know that most Mom's don't have enough time to themselves so how about giving her a gift certificate for a maid to clean her house (or you could volunteer to do it), a 'coupon' for a few free hours of babysitting, or take her to the spa with you for a manicure or pedicure.

5) Movie Buff - how about giving them a new release or classic movie on DVD along with some movie theater candy and gourmet popcorn (or buy a movie popcorn gift basket online). Another great idea would be a subscription to Netflix or Blockbuster to have the DVD's delivered right to their door. Finally, tickets or a gift certificate to the local movie theater would also be a great idea.

6) Givers & Savers - if the person contributes or volunteers at a charity, why not make a contribution in their name to their favorite cause. You'll be helping the needy and it'll bring a smile to the person's face. If they are thrifty, you could get them a savings bond or some stock in your friend's name.

7) Pet Lovers - how about putting together a gift package with a little something for the owner and the pet. Ideas include an upscale or jeweled collar, a super dooper pooper scooper, a cute little outfit (if they like that sort of thing), animal treats and of course some gourmet goodies for the pet owner.

8) Wine Lover - several things come to mind for the wine lover. Consider a book about wine, a nice bottle of wine, a great bottle opener set or even an set of engraved wine glasses.

baseball gift basket9) Sports Fanatic - most bigger cities have hockey, basketball, football, soccer, baseball, professional golf, tennis and more to choose from so how about giving your sports enthusiast some tickets to watch their favorite team or player? If it is out of season (for instance football in April), then just make an IOU gift certificate and buy the tickets when it is in season.

10) Thrill Seeker - if your friend or family member is always looking for an adrenaline rush, consider gift certificates for sky-diving, a hot air balloon ride, or even a race car ride. Some of these ideas are a bit expensive, but they'll be saying thank you again and again as they take off on a thrilling ride.

The Gift of Your Time

The gift of time is a truly special gift that your friend or family member will appreciate greatly. Giving one's time is a great gift for sports lovers or a Mom that is pressed for time. Just pick up a pair of tickets to a sporting event (for their favorite team), museum, spa or other local venue and plan on spending an afternoon or evening with them. They get two gifts in one (your time and tickets)!

As I mentioned previously, giving 'coupons' for your time is also a great idea (especially for Moms). Offer to baby sit the kids, make dinner for the family or help clean out the garage.

Other options would be taking them on a picnic and hike in a park or taking them out to breakfast at their favorite restaurant. Combining food and time with you are a great birthday gift!

Magazine Subscriptions from Amazon - Best Selling Magazines

There are literally hundreds of magazines on store shelves these days. With all those choices, it should be fairly easy to find one that coincides with the interests of your friend. Amazon offers many magazines at deeply discounted prices. If the birthday boy likes golf, try Golf Digest. For the adventurous, try a travel magazine like Travel & Leisure. For the healthy one in the family, maybe a subscription to Self or Vegetarian. Peruse Amazon, Wal-Mart or your local newsstand to see what magazines are available.

Cake & Ice Cream Gifts

birthday cake gift

Honestly, I think I know only one person who doesn't really like cake on their birthday. So why not give a gift that just about everyone likes - Cake and Ice Cream?

Whether your friend lives down the street or across the country, you can always get a cake delivered for their birthday. If you live locally, consider stopping by the local Cold Stone Creamery, Maggie Moos, or Dairy Queen to get an ice cream cake featuring their favorite flavor. If you order ahead, they will personalize the cake with the person's name and whatever other information you want to include. Another option if you live close to the birthday boy or girl is to make a delicious homemade cake and deliver it to them yourself with a tub of ice cream and a bunch of candles.

If you live across the country or too far away to deliver a cake yourself, there are many online companies that sell delectable birthday cakes online that can be delivered right to the birthday boy or girl's door. They just freeze them and ship them via overnight air so that they are fresh and delicious upon delivery.

Food & Beverage Giftscoffee gift basket

Consumable gifts are a great option for the person that has everything. Everyone needs to eat and drink so beverage and gourmet food gifts are always well received.

If you know your friends food and drink preferences, it will make buying this type of gift much easier. There are many options when it comes to beverage themed gifts. If they like alcohol, you could just buy them a 6 pack of imported beer or a fine bottle of wine, top it with a bow, and call it good. Alternatively, many online companies offer coffee gift baskets or wine and even beer lover gifts. Often you are able to choose the beer flavors or wines included in the gift basket. Many of these companies have clubs like a wine of the month or coffee of the month club where your recipient receives a beverage gift each month for a specified length of time.

When it comes to gourmet gifts, there are an infinite number of possibilities. Your friend or family member might be a cheese lover, a dessert lover, a vegetarian or health food junkie. No matter what their tastes, you should be able to find a food gift to suit their needs. For example if they are a grill king, you could consider ordering them up a big pack of steaks from the Omaha steak company.

For the dessert lover, what about a cookie bouquet or gourmet cheesecake delivered right to their door with a Happy Birthday note card. Gift baskets with just about any kind of food are also available - from sugar free baskets to fruit and nut towers to gourmet cheese gifts. These same companies often sell monthly clubs like a dessert of the month or cookie of the month too. Your recipient will be reminded of your generosity each month when they receive their goodies.

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