Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

alisdair 300x199 Birthday Gift Ideas for WomenWhat do you get the woman who has everything? Look for new ways to say Happy Birthday this year and you’ll surprise her with an exciting present. She will be so happy for your thoughtfulness on her behalf.

Diamonds—Real or Not?

Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend. From the smallest smattering of diamonds on a charm to a larger diamond in a ring, there’s no woman on earth who would turn down a diamond. You may not be in the market for a real diamond, but how about a diamond simulate? Today’s diamonds are not the cheap rhinestones of yesterday that looked fake at 20 paces. Today, many companies are offering diamond equivalents that rival the look of the most flawless diamond. And the best part is that you can pick these up for a fraction of the cost of the real thing. You can purchase a ring in sterling silver with a diamond simulate that looks like a fine estate piece. Or you can select a bracelet, necklace, or earrings. Just about every jewelry company now makes a good diamond simulate. But look for places that do a high volume of business for the best prices. Home Shopping Network, QVC and Overstock all offer great deals on alternatives to diamonds that look better than the real thing!

Porto Bay Trade 300x198 Birthday Gift Ideas for WomenA Day Away

Sometimes the best birthday gift ideas are experiences. You can plan a day away with your friend, girlfriend, wife or sister that will make the top of her birthday memories list. Take her on a day trip to a place nearby that she has mentioned wanting to see. Is there a winery that she never has time to visit? Are there great shopping outlets nearby that she’d love to spend the day browsing? Create a whole day around it. Your gift can be a gift card to the place you’re going and your offer to act as her chauffeur. Get creative and this can be one of the most exciting birthdays ever for her.

Spa Relaxation

Gift her with a spa package and you will be a real birthday hero. Even if it’s just a manicure or pedicure, your pampering gifts for her will be well-received. Opt for a spa that’s high end and where she can also get lunch, a hot stone massage, or select other items from their menu of services. This is the type of gift most women won’t buy themselves so it’s an added surprise. If you can, offer to babysit your recipient’s children so she can go with a clear head to have her pampering treatment. You might choose a gift certificate so she can select her own service or you might purchase a manicure or pedicure for her. Book in advance if you know the spa is very busy and perhaps even offer to go with your friend so that you can make a fun day of it.

No matter what you gift the lady in your life on this birthday, make sure you choose a gift that is personal and useful. The more fun the experience, the better the gift will be remembered. People don’t always need another trinket for their shelves, but everyone loves a nice getaway especially when it’s a treat. This year, treat that special lady to a birthday she will never forget.

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