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Blooming Flower Baby Shower Theme

Published June 02, 2010        by Kim

blooming.flower.intro  Blooming Flower Baby Shower ThemePerfect for an outdoor or springtime party, your Blooming Flower Baby Shower can be a fun way to introduce the new baby girl to her new friends and family!  With a few simple and colorful decorations, exciting baby shower games and cute take-home baby shower favors, your guests - and especially the guest of honor - will have a great time.

Introduce shower guests to the theme with your blooming invitations.  Purchase themed invitations online or create your own by cutting daisy shapes out of construction paper.  Write shower information such as when, where and what time on each petal, then put the star of the show in the center of the bloom!  If your flowers are too large to fit in a standard envelope, fold the petals toward the center so your guests can watch the details "bloom" as they unfold the invitation.

Decorate your shower tables with large bouquets of colorful daisies.  Use these bouquets for a shower game where you ask guests to count the flowers in each bouquet or count the number of petals on a certain flower.  Sprinkle flower petals across a plain white tablecloth or use a different colored cloth for each table for a bright and cheery presentation.

When guests arrive at the shower, greet them with a large flower-shaped sign announcing "Welcome to (the new mother)'s Blooming Baby Shower".  Make sure to have a corsage for the guest of honor and a refreshing beverage for her to relax with.  I recommend lemonade or a light fruit punch to keep with the theme.

blooming.flower.cake  Blooming Flower Baby Shower ThemeDaisy cupcakes are a tasty and relatively easy dessert option for this type of shower theme.  Either decorate individual cupcakes with daisy designs or frost them in different colors and arrange in the shape of a flower.  I saw a really unique dessert idea at (see photo on right) and you could easily put your own unique spin on it.

As guests are getting ready to leave, bring out a basket of blooming shower favors so they will each have a memory of the special day.  Help mom pack up all of her baby gifts and send her home with a beautiful flower bouquet to keep her special theme alive as long as possible!

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