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The Ultimate Guide: Baby Shower Themes

Published May 17, 2018        by Kim

Planning a shower is an exciting time. Whether you are in the early planning stages, looking for a theme or even wondering the proper baby shower etiquette - we have you covered for all things baby shower related. Before The Shower: Baby Shower Etiquette Headed for a baby shower in the near future? They’re great events, to be sure, but if you’ve recently received an invitation, you may be wondering about your responsibilities as a guest. This quick guide can help you sort it all out. RSVP The invitation should have a number you can call or an email address you can use to let the shower host know if you’ll be attending. If you have a previous engagement for that date, you should certainly call to let them know you won’t be there. Make certain, though, that the shower isn’t Read more

Ultimate Summer Fun: Activities, Recipes & Summer Gift Basket Ideas

Published April 20, 2018        by Angela

Summer gift baskets are an excellent way to celebrate warmer weather, a break from school and outdoor activities. Getting your grandchild a summer gift basket is a great idea. Not only can they be fun, but they'll be excited to receive it. There are several summer gift basket ideas and you can put pretty much anything you want into the basket. You can just pick the theme then put items in that you know your grandchild will love! With that being said, here are 5 ideas for gift baskets this summer! 1. Activity Basket The first summer gift basket idea for kids is an activity basket. You can make this basket as big or as small as you want! These baskets generally have items that are great for fun summer activities. For instance, some of the most common items are things like chalk, things Read more

19 Perfect Grandmother Gifts for Mother's Day

Published March 09, 2018        by Matt

It's just about that time of the year again! Mother's Day falls on May 13th, which is coming up faster than you think. Whether you are looking to gift your grandmother, or help your child gift theirs, there are plenty of fantastic options out there that speak from the heart. Have a look through to find your perfect grandmother gifts for Mother's Day. 1.  Heart Shaped Dutch Oven Grandma will love cooking and serving dinner in this adorable blush colored, heart shaped dutch oven. 2. Tea Basket We all know how sentimental many of our grandmothers are. As they spend a chilly morning scrolling through facebook, they're likely to brew a small pot of tea (or coffee!) A Tea basket can be a great gift that grandmas will continue to use for months, savoring it every time they want a warm Read more

Gift for mom who doesn't want anything

Published February 27, 2018        by Matt

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and while this doesn’t pose a problem for most folks, it has you a bundle of nerves. You are the lucky child of a mom who has everything she wants. If you ask her what she wants, she simply says she doesn’t want anything but your love. How hard is that to top? Choosing a gift for gift for mom who doesn't want anything doesn’t have to be so difficult. It can be quite easy if you put your mind to it. Take some time to consider her pastimes and the things she holds dear and check out the list below to find the perfect Mother's Day gift for mom who doesn't want anything. Gift Cards A gift card is a great Mother’s Day gift but there is trick to it. You could go the lazy route and get her a card to somewhere like Amazon, Wal-Mart or Target. While she Read more

How Much Money To Give As A Baptism Gift

Published February 02, 2018        by Sarah

When a Baptism invitation comes in the mail, thoughts quickly turn to the gift. What should you give? Should you give cash? Should you give a present at all? What’s appropriate? While there are no rules set in stone, there are some guidelines you can follow so you can relax about your gift. How Close is Your Relationship Think about how close you are to the family. Is the baby your niece, nephew, Godchild or grandchild? If you’re part of the inner circle of family or very close friends, you’ll want to give a little more than other guests typically do. But, that being said, times might be tough right now. The bottom line is to give what you can comfortably afford. $50 is a very nice gift for a Baptism. So use that as your benchmark. If you can afford to make ends meet while giving Read more