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Category: Activities for Kids

Ideas for Planning Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

Published March 01, 2016        by Matt

Making a baby’s first birthday party extra special is nothing short of an absolute must. Of course, there are lots of ways to do this - ordering a beautiful cake, inviting friends and family, and most importantly, making sure that the guest of honor has a fabulous time - even if they aren’t going to remember it! If you’re looking to take your little one’s party to the next level though, try one of these ideas to elevate the party to a memorable milestone that everyone will love. Ideas for your first birthday party Themes Many parents choose a theme for their child’s first birthday party, such as a favorite toy, character, or show. You can also choose color or pattern themes to guide the overall look of the party. Themed parties are great because they give you the opportunity Read more

How to Make a Chocolate Chip Cookie Costume for Halloween

Published October 26, 2015        by Nicole

 How to Make a Chocolate Chip Cookie Costume for HalloweenAre you one of those parents who can instantly whip up a creative, professional-looking costume every Halloween without fail? Are you full of good ideas and crafty know-how? Or are you like the rest of us, who may be short on time, sewing skills, or the capacity to make this year’s must-have costume? Don’t worry; you can make an adorable chocolate chip cookie costume for your child that will make you want to just eat him up.  We absolutely adore this costume from so go there for all the detailed instructions. For this costume, you need minimal sewing skills and a few craft supplies. Gather: Light brown or tan felt Dark brown felt Fabric glue or Elmer’s all-purpose glue Some cotton batting or pillow stuffing Cut out four large circles from the Read more

Make an Oreo Cookie Halloween Costume

Published October 05, 2015        by Nicole

 Make an Oreo Cookie Halloween CostumeOreo cookies are a classic American treat; these chocolate sandwich cookies are a favorite of kids and adults alike. If you are looking for a creative Halloween costume idea for your child, what could be better than combining our favorite snack and our favorite holiday? It is easy to make an Oreo halloween cookie costume for your child, and you don’t need a lot of time, money, or artsy crafty skills. By following these directions, you’ll have a costume that will look so cute you’ll want to eat it right up.  You can get even more ideas like the one shown in the photo at It will take you about two hours to make an Oreo cookie costume, and it requires no sewing at all. You can size it just as easily for a toddler as you can for a teenager, and you need only Read more

Children Craft Ideas For Grandparents Day

Published September 02, 2015        by Matt

 Children Craft Ideas For Grandparents Day Did you know that September 13 is Grandparent's Day this year? It's a day dedicated to making time for your elders and showing them that they are truly appreciated for all that they have done. What better way to show them that you care than to make them homemade Grandparent's Day gifts? Here are a few craft ideas that your kids will not only have fun with, but that their grandparent's will absolutely adore. Image courtesy of Kimberlykv on Creative Commons Play with Clay Sculpture Having fun with art Whether done at home or on a crafty outing, handled by a professional or managed by little hands, it is a great way to enjoy a couple hours of any day. Grandparents and grandchildren alike can enjoy in the fun that comes from making something from Read more

Recipes for Fun - Kids Slime, Gloop, Goop & Glurch!

Published August 19, 2015        by Matt

 Recipes for Fun   Kids Slime, Gloop, Goop & Glurch! Squish, Squeeze and Squeal! What kid doesn't like something icky, sticky and goopy that they can squish between their fingers? Below you'll find recipes just for kids! A great rainy day project that will keep them busy. Keep the ingredients in a kids activity basket that you can pull out when you're looking for something new to do. Side note: I halved each of the recipes below, and it made plenty for my 2 boys to smush. Food coloring can be added to the recipes for some colorful fun! Just a few drops needed. Gloop (Noise Putty) Recipe Ingredients: 8 oz bottle of glue 8 oz water 1 cup water 1 1/2 tsp borax powder Directions: Pour 8 oz bottle of glue into bowl. Fill empty bottle with water and add to the glue - stir constantly. Read more