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Category: Baby Bottle Theme

Bottle Themed Baby Shower

Published March 13, 2015        by Matt

Baby Bottles Are A Great Theme For Showers When deciding on a theme for a baby shower, consider the availability and practicality of using baby bottles. You can easily tie baby bottles into the invitations, decorations, baby shower gifts, and party favors. I love this theme and I'm sure you will too! Baby Bottle Themed Shower Invitations You can really get creative with the invitations for a bottle baby shower theme by making them yourself. One of the most clever ideas is creating an invitation out of an actual small baby bottle. Buy enough small baby bottles for all the guests that you intend to invite. Then you have a couple options: either fill the bottles with pink, blue or a combination of pink/blue jelly beans OR place your actual computer generated Read more

Baby Bottle Shower Games

Published August 29, 2009        by Kim

One of the best parts of any baby shower are the baby shower games - guests love to interact and do crazy things that they wouldn't dream of doing in public!  Here are a couple of fun game ideas that incorporate your baby shower theme at the same time: Bottles Up:  This unique shower game will have everyone rolling with laughter!  Each guest should have their own baby bottle filled with a beverage (juice, soda, etc).  Once you say "go", the guests need to chug their beverage as fast as they can - through the nipple!  The first one done with their drink is the winner.  You can purchase individual baby bottles from a store or order a six pack of bottles (as shown here) that are the perfect size for the bottles up game. Baby Bottle Bowling: Set up 10 baby bottles just like bowling Read more

Baby Bottle Shower Decorations

Published August 27, 2009        by Kim

Decorating for your bottle-themed shower can be lots of fun!  You can find bottle-themed tableware, balloons and baby shower favors that are both affordable and a perfect fit to your theme! For your food table, you can purchase some inexpensive baby bottles at the nearest dollar store or discount center, then remove the nipple and fill each bottle with nuts, mints or candies so your guests can pour out as much as they want. To decorate your guest tables, consider bottle-shaped baby shower candles like the ones pictured here.  You can either light the candles for some ambiance at your shower, or leave them packaged and let your guests know they can take one home. A fun way to give motherly advice from guests who have "been there" is to create a tip jar for mom.  In this case a large plastic Read more

Bottle Themed Baby Shower - Introduction

Published August 25, 2009        by Kim

A Baby Bottle theme is a great idea for your next baby shower!  Not only is it practical, but it's also a fun way to add variety to your decorating and games.  Especially if your guest of honor is a first-time mother, bottles will be something she will quickly become accustomed to - so you may as well give her some experience with them. Starting with the baby shower invitations and finishing with your dessert, it's easy to incorporate bottles into every aspect of your shower.  Cut homemade invitations into the shape of a baby bottle before mailing; or roll up your invitations, stuff each one into a small baby bottle and hand deliver your "message in a bottle" invitations. Bottles also make a great choice for shower favors.  The miniature baby bottle favors shown here are filled with bath Read more