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Category: Under the Sea Shower

Under The Sea Baby Shower Ideas

Published July 31, 2015        by Matt

Ideas For An Under The Sea Baby Shower Throwing an Under The Sea ocean-inspired baby shower can be quite fun! Using fish and the ocean as inspiration, you can easily carry the Under The Sea theme through to all the decorations, baby shower games, food and of course the party favors for your guests. So if you are trying to come up with a unique shower theme to help Mom welcome her new little guppy to the world, consider these clever and cute ocean-inspired ideas! Your guests will love your ingenuity. Under The Sea Ocean Themed Invitations When it comes to invitations, there are 3 basic choices. Buy fully personalized and printed invitations that you simply order and then mail to the guests. The second choice is to buy themed invitations such as Read more

Under The Sea Baby Shower Cakes

Published December 26, 2009        by Kim

These adorable cakes brought a smile to my face and I hope they'll do the same for you.  Today I was on the lookout for the best Under The Sea themed cakes that I could find on the net (check out the resource links underneath the photo collage).  I just love these cakes and cupcakes and I hope they'll inspire you when you are planning an Under The Sea Baby Shower! There are so many options when it comes to ocean-inspired cakes and desserts.  And the colors of the ocean make for a great display on a baby shower buffet table.  Consider incorporating a snorkel-clad baby or a pregnant mermaid into the dessert to add a bit of whimsy.  If you aren't ready to whip up a full-blown masterpiece like some of the cakes shown below, have no fear.  You can still create an ocean-inspired dessert Read more

Under The Sea Baby Shower Gifts and Games

Published September 17, 2009        by Kim

Delight guests at your Under the Sea baby shower with games that celebrate your theme!  Guessing games are always a hit, so fill a jar with fish-shaped crackers and have guests try to figure out how many are inside.  The person closest to the correct number wins a prize - like an ocean scented candle.  Another fun game is one that tests your guests' artistic abilities.  Have each person place a piece of paper on top of their head and then draw the best fish they can without looking. The mother-to-be can judge each drawing and award a fitting prize (like a stationery set) to the winner.  If you have time to do a little research, look up the names of ocean babies (a baby whale is a calf, a baby shark is a pup, baby frogs are tadpoles, etc) then create a quiz based on these answers.  Read more

Under the Sea Baby Shower Invitations

Published September 15, 2009        by Kim

Introduce guests to an "Under the Sea" baby shower with some cute invitations that display your theme.  You can purchase Under the Sea baby shower invitations that are already filled out, you may choose under the sea themed fill-in type invitations, or you can create handmade invitations that coordinate with your theme and color scheme!  Personalized invitations may be a bit more expensive, but they are great if you are short on time and want something that just needs to be stuffed into an envelope and be mailed out.  The handmade invitations will be more labor intensive, but they are fun to design and you can include specific ocean items that your guest of honor loves. If you choose to create your own invitations, it's a great idea to include a catchy phrase or poem that includes shower Read more

Food Ideas for your 'Under The Sea' Baby Shower

Published September 09, 2009        by Kim

Depending on her stage in the pregnancy, your mother-to-be may be most looking forward to the food at her Under the Sea baby shower, and you certainly won't want to disappoint her!  Plan your food around the theme you have chosen to elicit "oohs" and "aahs" from your shower guests. Start guests off with a refreshing sea-blue punch served in a large goldfish bowl.  Then offer finger sandwiches using the Under the Sea cookie cutter sets pictured above.  These cutters also make great take-home baby shower favors for your guests!  After sandwiches and punch, serve a delicious crab salad or refreshing seafood dip with crackers.  For dessert, try your hand at a fish-shaped cake.  If you don't think you can shape a cake the way you want, cheat and order a fish-shaped cake mold - then all Read more