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Category: Diaper Cakes

Diaper Cake Giveaway ($120 Value!)

Published April 15, 2013        by Kim

 Diaper Cake Giveaway ($120 Value!)This giveaway towers above all the rest! Win a Baby Diaper Cake (up to a $120 value) from Baby Gifts & Baskets in our latest giveaway! Because this gift is created from one, two or three "cake" layers of diapers, you can be sure that the proud parents will be able to use every part of this thoughtful creation! Not only does a Diaper Cake make a great gift for expecting parents, they also look amazing as the baby shower centerpiece! Place the diaper cake on the main table and surround it with your baby shower cupcakes to delight your guests.  Once the shower is over, the mom-to-be will get the fun of exploring every layer and the treasures they hold. Puppies, Elephants and Teddy Bears - Oh My! Those are just a few of the cheerful characters you'll find adorning our Diaper Cakes.  Read more

Baby Triplet Gift Ideas

Published April 09, 2013        by Sarah

 Baby Triplet Gift IdeasThe odds of having triplets through natural conception are 1 in 10,000. If one undergoes in-vitro fertilization, the odds are about 2 in 100 of having triplets. In either case, these triple blessings are rare and certainly cause for celebration.  And cause for worry, and anxiety, and some financial planning!  A blessing to be sure, but carrying and caring for three babies can also be overwhelming to parents, whether or not they have other children. Here are some ideas for triplet baby gifts to make life a bit easier for everyone. Group Gift Ideas Triple Decker Stroller.  Whether parents want to take a quick walk around the block to soothe fussy babies or they need help getting from the car to the house, a triple stroller is a tremendous help.  There are different styles, ranging Read more

How to Make a Shower Diaper Cake

Published August 19, 2010        by Sarah

 How to Make a Shower Diaper CakeWhat exactly is this thing called a diaper cake that everyone’s been talking about? It’s actually a very cute idea for a baby shower centerpiece or gift for the expectant mom at her baby shower. It’s a tiered “cake” made entirely out of rolled diapers. You can add as many tiers as you like to make it the center of attention or as few as you like to make it a simple gift. It’s great to bring to the hospital when you first meet the new baby or to give whenever a new baby is born. Here’s how to do it. To start off you’ll need one large bottle of baby shampoo or lotion. This will be the base for your cake. You’ll need another small one, about 4oz. for the top tier. Then, you’ll need about sixty diapers for a standard three-tiered cake. You can choose to use either cloth diapers Read more

The Diaper Debate - Cloth or Disposable?

Published July 31, 2010        by Kim

 The Diaper Debate   Cloth or Disposable? The debate has long raged on between families who use cloth diapers versus families who use disposable diapers. Both sides have a good argument. Before you decide which you’ll use, check out some of the features and benefits of both. Cloth Diapers When you choose cloth diapers, first and foremost you are helping the environment because you are creating less waste that will sit in landfills. You are also using fewer diapers, as cloth diapers are washable and reusable. You can toss them in the washing machine, or you can hire a diaper service. With cloth diapers, there’s no chemical or manufacturing process that could harm the environment. The cloth is a natural cotton fiber that is wonderfully soft against baby’s delicate skin. You can also reuse them later as rags for washing Read more

Baby Shower Diaper Cakes - A Centerpiece & Gift All Rolled Into One!

Published June 03, 2007        by Kim

If you are on the hook to throw a baby shower for a friend, family member or co-worker, you know how overwhelming it can be to get the event planned and make it fun. Relax! You’ll be the talk of the party when you use a baby shower diaper cake as the show piece of the shower. Not only will you have a great gift to give Mom after the party is over, but you’ll have the most unforgettable and unique centerpiece they’ve ever seen. A baby shower cake is a fully useable non-edible cake that is constructed from disposable diapers that are rolled up to form layers. Each layer is stacked on top of the previous one to form the tiers of the cake and tied with ribbons to hold the diapers and layers in place. Then, essential baby items like lotions, powders, manicure sets, teething rings and little Read more