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Category: Baking History & Tips

When Did Nuts Get Introduced to Cookies?

Published November 13, 2013        by Sarah

An increasing number of cookie recipes contain nuts. These days, you’ll find chocolate chip cookies with nuts as well as decadent treats like macadamia nut cookies in the top ten of almost every major cookbook. While nut cookies certainly aren’t a new addition to the world of cooking, they’re more popular than ever. Wondering how they got their in the first place? Here’s a quick overview. Cookies 101 Cookies that even resemble those treats we have today didn’t appear until the 7th century. Sugar had become fairly common throughout Persia, and they were creating a wafer that could be used to travel. They began to spread throughout the region, and by the 14th century, almost every European region had them at all ranks of society. They traveled quite well, and one of the most popular Read more

The History of Cookies

Published October 21, 2010        by Rae Ann

The world has long had a love affair with their cookies. In any American supermarket, you can  walk down the cookie aisle and be bombarded with multi-color packages tempting you to try them. There are hundreds of choices in everything from super sweet to biscuit to fruit filled. Believe it or not, what is now known as the beloved cookie once started out as a humble tester cake. Sugar was beginning to be cultivated way back in the days of the Persian empire. Royal bakers began to test out different cake recipes. The problem was, there were no temperature regulators on the ovens they used. They were brick and clay fire pits, essentially, and the cook could not be certain how hot the oven was or when it was ready. So when it came time to cook the cakes for the royals, bakers had to find Read more

Girl Scout Cookie Fun Facts

Published October 07, 2010        by Rae Ann

Girl Scout cookies a delicious and much beloved part of American history. These tasty treats are anticipated all year long. They are only on sale once a year and then they are gone. Office staff gather around the mom who brings in the cookie order sheet for her daughter. Eager teens hope their sister has left a few boxes in the pantry for them. Why are they so darn good? Why is it that nothing is as satisfying as a genuine Girl Scout cookie? No supermarket brand even comes close. It’s hard to say. But here are some fun facts about America’s beloved Girl Scout treats. Girl Scout cookies have been around since 1917. They’ll soon be celebrating their 100 year anniversary. When Juliette Gordon Low first founded the girl scouts in 1912, she was a visionary. She encouraged the girls Read more

How to Fill Cupcakes

Published February 19, 2010        by Rae Ann

If you love layered cakes, or creative cookies, then you'll also love filled cupcakes! Cupcakes are quite easy to fill. One way to do it is to use a cake decorating bag. Use a regular tip that would be used for large writing. On the top of the cupcake, poke the tip about three fourths of the way into the center of the cupcake. Squeeze the tube of filling and pull away from the cupcake. Don't let the filling ooze out of the cupcake. Gently scrape off any filling that is on the outside of the cupcake before frosting it. Another way to fill a cupcake is to cut out a small section of your cupcake. This works especially well if your filling is thick or lumpy. At about a 45 degree angle, cut a small circular section out of the top of your cupcake - about 1 - 1 1/2 inches deep. Carefully remove Read more

All About Oreos

Published October 31, 2009        by Nicole

With it's creamy sweet center and crispy dark wafers, it's no wonder that Oreo cookies is the best selling cookie of the 20th century.  Created nearly 100 years ago (in 1912), the Oreo has changed very little from it's original form.  Oreo cookies are also the best selling cookies in China, although it's not as popular in the UK (the British prefer to dunk their lower-sugar burboun biscuits in tea). Over the years, Nabisco has experimented with Chocolate Creme Oreos, Strawberry Oreos, Mint Creme Oreos, Double Stuff, Mini Oreos and holiday Oreos (the creme is tinted orange for Halloween, pink for Easter and red for Christmas).  You can also find 100 calorie Oreo packs if you're looking to watch your weight. We've taken what is arguably the world's most popular cookie and made it even Read more