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Category: Parenting

Tips for Celebrating Baby's First Christmas

Published December 12, 2014        by Matt

 Tips for Celebrating Babys First Christmas Your baby will meet many important milestones her first year, but perhaps none is more special than baby's first Christmas with the family. The joy of the company, the foods, the smells, and who could forget the holiday gifts. This delightful memory will last forever, so you'll want to plan on capturing it in photos and video to remember and cherish later in life. Brand New! For Them, Not You Everything will be new for baby's first Christmas. Whether she's two days old or 11 months, you'll want to preserve every second of it. Get extra batteries for the cameras so that there's no chance of missing it. Snap shots of her opening gifts, greeting relatives she hasn't seen in a long time, and tasting traditional family foods for the first time Read more

Top 10 Parenting/Baby Bloggers

Published November 19, 2013        by Sarah

 Top 10 Parenting/Baby BloggersWhen you’re looking for tips and advice on how to deal with your baby, then you probably do exactly what most people today do – turn to the internet for help. It seems that everyone has a piece of advice, though. How do you tell the good from the bad? Here are ten parenting and baby bloggers you should certainly add to your feeds. Janine’s Confessions of  a Mommyaholic – Stay-at-home parenting isn’t always quite as glorious as you might imagine, and this parenting blog offers advice, tips, product reviews, and even recipes that will help show families in every situation how to make it work. One Good Thing by Jillee – Looking for healthy finger food ideas for your toddler? Want some scrapbooking tips to help capture those memories in a new way? Just need a dose of understanding Read more

Baby Shots & Vaccination Schedule

Published October 08, 2013        by Sarah

 Baby Shots & Vaccination ScheduleVaccines are an important way to keep your child healthy in the years to come. Understanding what shots your child needs, though, and when he needs them can be a bit complicated. While you should always use your pediatrician as your guide, this quick overview may be helpful. Birth – Your baby should be administered the first dose of the Hepatitis B (or HepB) vaccine. Two Months – Your baby will need the second dose of the Hepatitis B vaccine, the first dose of the Rotavirus vaccine, the first dose of the Diptheria, tetanus, and acellular pertussis (DTaP) vaccine, the first dose of the Haemophilus influenza type b vaccine, the Pneumococcal vaccine, and the Inactivated poliovirus vaccine. Four Months – Baby needs the second dose of the Rotavirus vaccine, the second dose of the Read more

Baby Development: When Should Babies Start Talking?

Published July 16, 2013        by Sarah

 Baby Development: When Should Babies Start Talking?Hearing your baby say those very first words is undeniably exciting. It’s a step you certainly don’t want to miss, but for many parents, it can be a frustratingly long wait. Most babies will spend their first two years learning to talk, and long before they figure out how to say those exciting first words, they’re working hard at learning the rules of communication. The Early Days During the first three months of your baby’s life, your child is actually already starting the process of learning to talk. The baby listens to the voices around him or her. When you begin to hear those little coos and gurgles, you’ll know that he or she is trying to imitate the same sounds you’re making. It’s pretty easy to help them at this stage. If you sing or talk to your baby regularly, he or Read more

Best iPad Apps for Kids

Published June 18, 2013        by Sarah

 Best iPad Apps for KidsSchool districts have them in the classroom. Millions of parents and grandparents are buying them for kids on a regular basis. Baby book gifts might seem like a thing of the past, as iPads are seemingly everywhere, and lots of kids have their own iPads or at least the use of one regularly within their own households. This level of popularity among the younger set has served to create an entire group of apps dedicated to kids, so whether you want your child to learn something amazing or just have a good time, there’s an app for that. Here are a few iPad apps that you may want to make sure appear on the home screen every time the iPad comes on. For the Younger Set If you have preschoolers, toddlers, or even babies using the iPad, there are many different apps out there geared specifically Read more