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Category: Relationships

Husband Appreciation Day Gift Ideas

Published April 15, 2015        by Matt

 Husband Appreciation Day Gift Ideas Husbands Need Love Too! We have Mother's Day and Father's Day, but what if you don't have children? Well in that case, you still get a day. In fact, National Husband Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on the third Saturday of April. For 2014, that just happens to be April 19th. So what is up with this holiday, and what exactly should you do on April 19th? Read on to find out! Image courtesy of Keoni Cabral on Flickr. April 18th, 2015 ... is Husband Appreciation Day What is husband appreciation day? Not really a trick question... The title of the holiday is certainly a tell tale of what the day is meant for, and that is to show appreciation to your husband. This can be for loads of different things. It can be to thank Read more

Trusting Past a Broken Heart

Published April 01, 2008        by Nicole

 Trusting Past a Broken HeartWhen I married my husband, he slept with his arms crossed over his chest. It seemed to me he was protecting his heart; it had been wounded and broken so many times. During his waking hours, he let his guard down. But, when sleeping, he still needed to protect himself, lest some threatening force invade and attack, catching him unawares. Joe is an early riser. Typically he gets up before I do, quietly slips out of our bedroom, exercises, makes coffee (my favorite just because gift), reads the paper, and then wakes me up. Rarely do I awaken before him. But recently I did. I marveled at how peaceful he looked. He was lying on his side, one hand underneath the pillow, the other just hanging down. His chest was wide open, not needing his protection because he finally felt safe, open, and welcoming Read more

Coffee Talk

Published March 17, 2008        by Nicole

Miles and miles of land separate my mother and me. The long-distance phone calls and emails cannot compare to being able to see her whenever I please. So when it comes time to ship off a gift, I want her to feel as if I am standing in front of her, delivering it myself. As the month of June neared, I prepared for one of my most intense gift-giving times of the year. Besides Father’s Day, the month brought both of my parent’s birthdays, as well as their anniversary. By the middle of the month, I would have satisfied 3 out of 4 big dates on the calendar, leaving my mother's birthday to focus on. This year, I tried to think of gifts she would not only use, but also find comfort, delight and relaxation. She recently quit smoking and I wanted to keep her on track and make sure she was surrounded Read more

Getting Well at the Christmas Hospital

Published February 18, 2008        by Nicole

He stared at her, and then suddenly bent double. This was a much worse pain than any so far. She was helpless. Nothing in the world could do to relieve it, except to get him into that hospital. She clutched him to her, hardly noticing what she was doing, and smoothed his hair. Edward, Edward, help me, her heart cried. Edward where are you? And like her son, in that moment, she felt despair settle so heavily on her and she was sure that her husband was no longer there to help her. Suddenly the boy straightened up. “All right, it’s gone. It wasn’t too bad,” he lied, and even managed a faint watery grin. “Pack my bags then, and let’s go.” She felt dizzy with relief. Whether she had capitulated before the force of her arguments, or whether it was the chastising warning of that Read more

Joseph and Mary Hospital

Published February 15, 2008        by Nicole

“No darling, there are masses of people in hospital at Christmas time. The wards are full as at other times.” “They are?” He couldn’t believe it. She smiled at him and pushed the slight advantage she had gained. “Well, it stands to reason doesn’t it? Pain just doesn’t wait until after Christmas to come on, now do they? Pains don’t’ know what season of the year it is, and you’ll always find if there’s fun or a party, or an outing or something nice, you’ll have pains and can’t enjoy the thing. Pains never sensibly appear when there’s nothing jolly to do.” He agreed with that too, but looked around curiously shattered/ didn’t understand why. She decided not to ask, but to push her position she had gained. Well, for all the people who had been unfortunate Read more