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Category: Safety

How to Exercise During Pregnancy

Published December 31, 2012        by Sarah

 How to Exercise During Pregnancy If you have been told that a woman “in your condition” should not exercise, you have been misinformed!  It is important that women exercise especially when they are pregnant.  Why?  It helps keep muscles strong, which makes labor and delivery easier.  That is reason enough to get moving, but there are many more.  You’ll boost your energy, sleep better, reduce stress, and prevent excess weight gain; it even helps your body “bounce” back after the baby is born.  There is no doubt that exercise is great for pregnant women; but there are some guidelines to consider, especially as your pregnancy progresses. Here are some tips for safety and health: Get the go-ahead from your doctor.  It may not be safe for those with asthma, diabetes, bleeding or spotting, threatened miscarriage, Read more

Best Cat Breeds For Kids

Published December 18, 2012        by Sarah

 Best Cat Breeds For KidsAre you a cat person?  You're not alone!  According to the Humane Society, there are more than 86 million pet cats in the United States.  A third of households have at least one cat, and half of those households have two.  Many people love cats because of their self-possession and independence.  Others like to have a buddy to snuggle with and pet when they're watching television. Others prefer the relative ease of owning a cat over a dog. Some like the energy and love of a kitten while others appreciate the mellow demeanor of older cats.  If you want to join the millions of happy cat owners, here are some great breeds for kids and families. 1. American short hair.  This is perhaps the best breed for busy families and those with young children.  They do not need to be groomed, and Read more

Car Seats and Booster Seats - Ages and Uses

Published July 10, 2012        by Sarah

 Car Seats and Booster Seats   Ages and UsesNo matter what it comes to, we want our kids to be safe. With a new baby, we make sure their crib, furniture, toys and even baby clothes are safe. We examine their rocking horses as they grow older, and we baby proof our homes to keep them from harm. So why would we take any chances when it comes to car seats in our vehicles? Perhaps the youngest of parents don’t remember the pre-car seat days but plenty of us recall never being in a car seat when we were young. The first car seats were made to keep a child in place while the car was moving, but not in the event of an accident. It wasn’t until the 1960s that manufacturers started toying with rear-facing car seat designs.  By 1984, half of children age 0 – 4 were in some sort of car seat.  Today, all 50 states have child restraint Read more

Baby Bassinets or Moses Baskets - Needed or Not?

Published November 01, 2011        by Sarah

 Baby Bassinets or Moses Baskets   Needed or Not?When a new baby is on the way, you may start to get a bit overwhelmed about what you actually need and what is just a nice addition to your supplies and furniture. If this is your first baby, you may wonder where to turn for this type of advice. If you're just shopping for a baby gift and don't know the difference, well then keep reading! Either way, it's great information to have. You definitely need a crib for your baby to sleep in. She’ll probably sleep in the crib until she is about two. But when baby comes home from the hospital, she will be a precious little ball of cuteness. That crib is going to seem so big and maybe her room is down the hall from yours. That’s when a bassinet or Moses basket comes in handy. A bassinet is going to be your best friend during the first few weeks Read more

Baby Crib Safety

Published November 04, 2010        by Sarah

 Baby Crib SafetyToday’s cribs are thankfully safer than their predecessors. The cribs of old are lovely to look at, but short on safety features. Children used to get their heads stuck between the bars all the time. Since mattresses didn’t adjust, bigger babies as they grew could one day stand up and flip themselves out of their cribs. Today’s cribs will let you sleep a little sounder at night, don’t worry. First, buy a new crib. It can be tempting to take on an old or used one, but there are a few problems with that. Yes, you will be saving money, but you don’t know if important screws and safety bars are missing. Even if you’re just bringing your own baby crib down from mom’s attic, remember, in just a few years, no less decades since you’ve used it, crib safety has improved greatly. There Read more