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The Ultimate Wedding Guide: Gifts & Games Ideas 2018

Published May 23, 2018        by Beth Bernard

Wedding Gifts - How Much To Spend? The age-old question once you receive a wedding invitation is, “How much should I spend?” You’re not alone if you’re asking yourself this very important question. There are no rules it seems, so it’s hard to know these days if you are going to show up with a gift that looks cheap. There are some things you can consider so you will feel more comfortable with your selection. Choosing a Wedding Gift First, remember that you are giving a wedding gift. It’s not a mandatory fee to get you into the wedding. Give what you are comfortable giving. If you are on a tight budget, chances are the couple, if they are your friends, know your situation and wouldn’t want you to stretch yourself beyond your means. Consider how you know the couple. Read more

Best Retirement Gift Ideas 2018

Published May 16, 2018        by Matt

Why Send a Retirement Gift? Retirement marks the end of one era and the beginning of another. It is the brink of the unknown, a very literal chapter end and beginning. It is exciting and full of possibilities. It can also, however, be somewhat intimidating. When someone close to you is retiring, it is thoughtful to send them a gift. Not only does the gift celebrate the years of opportunity ahead of them, but it can also honor the decades they have put into their work. These gifts are meaningful because they show how much you care, how much you have noticed, and how much you love and understand them. Perhaps this person needs a gentle reminder that their value is not tied to their productivity, or that they are allowed to rest and enjoy life. Retirement gifts are sentimental, whether small Read more

Ultimate Summer Fun: Activities, Recipes & Summer Gift Basket Ideas

Published April 20, 2018        by Angela

Summer gift baskets are an excellent way to celebrate warmer weather, a break from school and outdoor activities. Getting your grandchild a summer gift basket is a great idea. Not only can they be fun, but they'll be excited to receive it. There are several summer gift basket ideas and you can put pretty much anything you want into the basket. You can just pick the theme then put items in that you know your grandchild will love! With that being said, here are 5 ideas for gift baskets this summer! 1. Activity Basket The first summer gift basket idea for kids is an activity basket. You can make this basket as big or as small as you want! These baskets generally have items that are great for fun summer activities. For instance, some of the most common items are things like chalk, things Read more

How much to give for a Christening Gift?

Published April 11, 2018        by Matt

Is there a family member or friend in your life whose child is getting christened soon? While it’s a deep honor to be invited to such a special event, you might be wondering what you should give. That’s understandable, and we’re here to help provide some guidelines for how much to give for a christening gift! Considerations Determine Your Relationship When you look into purchasing any gift, determining your relationship with the family is a key factor. Close family members are customarily expected to give more lavish presents than a friend of the family, so considering this could help provide a starting point. With this knowledge, you can decide on a budget. As a ballpark figure, $50 is considered a very nice christening gift. If you can give more, feel free, but that provides Read more

14 Great Kindergarten Graduation Gift Ideas

Published         by Matt

The Struggle Is Real, What to Buy Your Kindergartener for Graduation?!? Graduating kindergarten is a huge milestone in your child’s life and is very exciting for the child as well as the parent or grandparent. It’s a time when we watch our children start to truly find their independence and start making more decisions for themselves. This is an amazing opportunity to show your children how proud you are of their accomplishment and to nurture their love of school by celebrating this accomplishment. Kindergarten Graduation Gift Ideas from Parents These are the times you want to cherish because children grow up so fast. Some ideas I had for celebrating this time with your child are: • Age and interest appropriate books • Educational toys and or video games • Toys Read more