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19 Perfect Grandmother Gifts for Mother's Day

Published March 09, 2018        by Matt

It's just about that time of the year again! Mother's Day falls on May 13th, which is coming up faster than you think. Whether you are looking to gift your grandmother, or help your child gift theirs, there are plenty of fantastic options out there that speak from the heart. Have a look through to find your perfect grandmother gifts for Mother's Day. 1.  Heart Shaped Dutch Oven Grandma will love cooking and serving dinner in this adorable blush colored, heart shaped dutch oven. 2. Tea Basket We all know how sentimental many of our grandmothers are. As they spend a chilly morning scrolling through facebook, they're likely to brew a small pot of tea (or coffee!) A Tea basket can be a great gift that grandmas will continue to use for months, savoring it every time they want a warm Read more

Five Unique Gifts for the Tea Lover

Published September 11, 2014        by Rae Ann

 Five Unique Gifts for the Tea LoverWe think of tea as very calming and soothing – and it is.  But it can also be refreshing, reviving, invigorating, or healing.  Teas have been used for centuries to treat illness and as a favorite beverage, and they continue to be valued in cultures all over the world.  Every part of drinking tea, from breathing in the steam and aroma to holding the hot cup in our hands, creates contentment.  If you have a tea lover on your list, find the perfect gift that will bring as much satisfaction as a perfectly brewed cup of tea.  You could go with a tea gift basket, or here are some unique ideas to get you started. Flowering tea.  Some tea purists do not like flowering tea because the quality of the tea may be affected.  This difference may not even be noticeable for the majority of people, Read more

How To Grind Coffee Beans

Published September 05, 2012        by Sarah

 How To Grind Coffee Beans Anyone who loves the taste of freshly brewed coffee or coffee gifts can enhance the flavor of every cup by grinding their own beans. It’s so easy to do and it makes for a very fresh cup of coffee. You will need an electric coffee grinder in order to grind your own beans. There are two kinds of electric grinding machines. One is a burr grinder and one is a blade grinder. The blade grinder is the one you will most traditionally see in homes. It’s a small countertop appliance with two blades housed inside a cylinder. Often, the top of the machine will be clear plastic so you can see the beans being ground. These blade grinders are easy to find in home, bath, and coffee stores. The other type of grinder is a burr grinder. This one is less common, although readily available. The mechanism Read more

Popular Coffee Houses in the U.S.

Published January 24, 2012        by Sarah

 Popular Coffee Houses in the U.S.If you drink coffee, you’ve probably got a favorite kind, way to drink it, and cup to drink it in. And you probably have a penchant for a certain coffee house, with their particular blends, drinks, mugs, atmosphere or even their coffee gift baskets! There are so many coffee shops in the U.S. but coffee drinkers are usually loyal to just a few. Depending on where you live, you may prefer a local coffee shop near your house where you know everyone seated around you or you may choose to frequent a larger chain that allows you to be a silent visitor in the crowd. Some of the most popular coffee houses in the U.S. are known for their ambiance, their free Wi-Fi, and their especially delicious coffee. You can go and sit for the price of a cup of coffee for the whole day if you like. Starbucks Read more