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Category: Graduation

14 Great Kindergarten Graduation Gift Ideas

Published April 11, 2018        by Matt

The Struggle Is Real, What to Buy Your Kindergartener for Graduation?!? Graduating kindergarten is a huge milestone in your child’s life and is very exciting for the child as well as the parent or grandparent. It’s a time when we watch our children start to truly find their independence and start making more decisions for themselves. This is an amazing opportunity to show your children how proud you are of their accomplishment and to nurture their love of school by celebrating this accomplishment. Kindergarten Graduation Gift Ideas from Parents These are the times you want to cherish because children grow up so fast. Some ideas I had for celebrating this time with your child are: • Age and interest appropriate books • Educational toys and or video games • Toys Read more

14 Heartwarming and Memorable Pre-K Graduation Gift Ideas

Published April 10, 2018        by Matt

It can be hard to settle on the right pre-kindergarten graduation gift idea, but we’re here to help! To start, a few great ideas may revolve around: Candy & Sweets Activities Gift Cards The Value of Pre K Graduation Gift Ideas Kids are always excited about any sweets, especially when it’s something they don’t often have the chance to enjoy. Sharing with your grandchild a special treat is certainly bound to stick out in their mind. Though you aren’t there to celebrate this precious moment with them, they will feel your love and thoughtfulness! Beyond just delicious treats, though, opportunities to enjoy fun activities will be exciting for them. Say, for instance, their parents can’t afford to take them to the movies very often, but you send a gift certificate Read more

The Coolest Preschool Graduation Gift Ideas from Grandparents

Published February 13, 2018        by Matt

First and foremost, kids love gifts. Just the word “gift” can make them squeal. They also love to play, create fun art projects, and eat candy. That pretty much sums up what being a kid is. So if your grandson or granddaughter has made the big leap and is graduating from preschool, here are some preschool graduation gift ideas: Practical Gifts: Ice cream bowl, Piggy bank, Lunch boxes, Backpacks, Kid's watches Artsy Gift Baskets: Painting set, Crayola kids fun box, Play dough Fun Gift Baskets: Magic kit, Science kit, Spy kit, Movie tickets Giftcards: Dunkin Donuts, Baskin Robbins, Kid’s museum Candy: Chocolate gift box, assorted gummies gift box Lego sets: Small Lego, large Lego, themed Lego Theme park seasonal pass: Water parks, local inexpensive theme parks Practical Read more

High School Graduation Gift Ideas 2015

Published May 18, 2015        by Matt

Graduation Parties If you are here, then the odds are, you've got a graduate in your life who has just completed the big milestone of High School. Just what do you gift this special person with? An ordinary congratulations gift just won't do in this situation! You have to think creatively and plan a graduation gift that will be a welcomed surprise. So how do you do that? There are so many new things out there! Well here are some ideas to get you started, because it's time to give you some ideas! Paraphrase Their Personality Choose Something That Matches Match your gift to the student's personality. If you have a real music fan, you might look into getting a gift card good for 1,000 song downloads for their mp3 player, or get them credits they can use for iTunes. Read more

Great Graduation Gift Ideas

Published May 11, 2015        by Matt

This post contains Amazon affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links. Graduation Gift Ideas Over the years, I have found it difficult to come up with great ideas for graduation gifts so I surveyed a few high school and college graduates to see what they really would have loved to receive (besides money of course). What I found was an amazing list of travel-themed, technologically advanced, and time-saving gift ideas. I am sharing that list in this post and I hope that you find it as useful and enlightening as I have! Time Piece - Ironman iConrol Unixex Watch This dual function watch allows the wearer to control their i-pod from their wrist and it displays the time. Timex Men's T54281 "Ironman Sleek" Sport Read more