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Category: Kids

Unique Piggy Bank Gifts For Kids

Published August 03, 2015        by Matt

 Unique Piggy Bank Gifts For KidsThis post contains Amazon affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links. Getting Them Started Kids love piggy banks as much as adults do. If you are trying to encourage a youngster to save money for the future, or if you just like the look of piggy banks, gift a little one with a piggy bank. There are so many adorable versions out there. You may just start him or her on a lifelong hobby of collecting piggy banks or the habit of saving! Image by Alan Cleaver on Flickr Team Spirit Sports Piggy Banks Many piggy banks now come with sports team logos emblazoned on them. If you have a little one who is rooting for the Steelers or for their hometown team, see if you can find a piggy bank with their logo on it, Read more

Top 10 Kids Game Gifts

Published December 15, 2014        by Matt

 Top 10 Kids Game GiftsThis post contains Amazon affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links. As the aunt of ten nieces and nephews, I struggle each year to come up with creative gift ideas for both Christmas and their birthdays. I already have about 80% of my shopping done this holiday season, but during my quest I came across some great gift ideas that I wanted to share with my fellow shoppers. So in this article, I've put together my list of top 10 game ideas for kids. I've purchased several of these (such as Headbanz) to wrap up for my nieces and nephews. Hopefully, this list will make your birthday gift and holiday gift shopping much less stressful. Happy shopping! #1) Board Games Ticket To Ride One of the most popular games for the season. Qwirkle Read more

10 Best Gifts for Teenagers

Published December 01, 2014        by Matt

 10 Best Gifts for TeenagersThis post contains Amazon affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links. Top 10 Best Gift Ideas for Teens Honestly, I can't think of a more difficult group of people to buy birthday or Christmas gifts for than teenage boys and girls. As a parent or grandparent, it can be difficult to stay on top the latest trends in technology and fashion. In this post, I try to navigate the teenage gift waters by giving you a wide array of ideas that would be suitable for the interests of different teenagers. Whether she is a fashionista, he is a snowboard enthusiast, or he/she loves the latest and greatest gadgets, I've got it covered in this article! #1) Hottest MP3 Player & Accessories Chances are that your teenager Read more

Funny Gag Gifts For Teens

Published February 20, 2014        by Rae Ann

 Funny Gag Gifts For Teens Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, the holidays, or another special occasion, there are few demographics that appreciate gag gifts quite as much as the teen audience does. As you search for the perfect gag gift for that teen in your life, you may want to keep a few rules in mind. Make sure your gift is appropriate. While there are always going to be gag gifts that border the inappropriate, some will be completely so for teens. What may be appropriate for a nineteen year old college freshman certainly won’t be so for a thirteen year old girl. The socially inappropriate is often perfect for a gag gift. The excessive generally isn’t. What’s more, though, is that you should keep the audience in mind as well. If parents and grandparents might be at the event, you may want to make Read more

9 Items to Have Around For Last-Minute Gifts

Published October 16, 2013        by Sarah

 9 Items to Have Around For Last Minute GiftsIt's nice to have some extra gifts on hand sometimes for those last minute needs. Here are a few ideas for extra gifts to have around in a pinch! For Kids Kids can be tough to buy for, especially these days. When you’re trying to buy a kids gift for someone who you don’t even know yet, it make the situation doubly difficult. Your best bet is to keep gifts for a few different age ranges on hand. Here are some good choices. Plush Toys: These are a great idea for little ones, and they still work for tweens too. The key is to get slightly higher quality plush toys, especially if you’ll be giving them to little ones, as button eyes, noses, and sparkly pieces can certainly create a choking hazard for tiny ones. Coloring Books: With kids as young as two or as old as nine or ten, Read more