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Category: Sympathy

Sympathy and Funeral Flower Etiquette

Published September 03, 2013        by Sarah

When someone you know has lost a loved one, you’ll want to send something special to let them know you are thinking of them. Sending flowers is the perfect way to show your sympathy. There are some etiquette rules you should consider before you make your call to the florist. First, it is very appropriate to send flowers to the family of a deceased person to show you care. There are so many arrangements you can choose from. Select a local (to the funeral home) florist which you can find online or in the Yellow Pages. Have the florist send the flowers directly to the funeral home so that they arrive in time for the wake or viewing. Do not send your flowers directly to the church as they can often get lost in the commotion. If your floral delivery will not make it in time for wake hours, Read more

When it's Okay to Splurge on Gifts

Published April 17, 2013        by Sarah

Deciding exactly what you should spend on that upcoming gift can be a little difficult. While many will tell you to never spend less than $50 at a wedding or never spend more than $50 on a child’s birthday, understanding when you should splurge and when you should stick to the guidelines is tough. Want to stick to the rules? Here are a few reasons it’s okay to splurge on a gift. #1 – The Recipient is Very Important to You One good reason to splurge on a gift is if the person you’ll be giving it to plays a fundamental role in your life. For example, say your favorite niece is getting married. It’s okay to really go all out on a wedding gift basket and let her know how important she is to you. The same is true of a favorite aunt or even retiring college professor. Gifts are Read more

How To Prepare Citrus Fruit Gifts For Mail Shipment

Published December 26, 2012        by Sarah

Why is citrus fruit such an excellent gift idea?  This is the best way to send a little bit of sunshine, a touch of summer, to someone who may be buried under a foot of snow or looking out on a gray, rainy day.  Your gift will not only be appreciated – it will be enjoyed!  Purchasing and shipping pre-made fruit baskets or arrangements can be pricy, especially if you fill in the gaps with some gourmet goodies.  If you make your own, you can save money, but will your package arrive fresh and ready to be eaten or spoiled and bruised?  Whether it's a celebratory gift, or a sympathy fruit basket, here are some pointers for preparing citrus fruits for mail shipment. Fruit Selection Citrus fruits, like oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes, kumquats, and ugli fruit, are a bit easier to ship Read more

Sympathy Note and Condolence Letter Etiquette

Published April 10, 2010        by Rae Ann

You can either use a note card or a blank piece of paper for your condolences, remember it is the thought that you put into your words that really counts. Always put a lot of thought into what you write in a sympathy note. It doesn't have to be long (no more than a page), and the words can be simple.  Below are a few things to keep in mind. Make sure you know what religion the person who has passed away was, so that you do not write anything that would be against their religion in the personal note to the members of the family. A good format for a condolence note is: 1.  Give a tribute to the deceased: pay your respects and provide a tribute to the dead. 2.  Offer the grieving your condolences: say to the bereaved how sorry you are for their loss. Be yourself and write as if you Read more

Sympathy Gift Basket - Gift Baskets

Published October 15, 2009        by Matt

Comfort Your Loved Ones with a Sympathy Gift Basket When something bad suddenly happens and we are far from the people we want to comfort, a good way to show our concern is by offering a sympathy gift basket. Sometimes circumstances hinder us from visiting our loved ones when our presence is most needed. You could be studying at a university in a faraway state and suddenly you find out your grandmother just died or you could be in the middle of an important conference abroad when your sister calls with the terrible news. However, we do not have to wait for a mishap to befall our family or one of our friends to send a sympathy gift basket. We can send holiday greetings and care packages to a loved one simply to show them that we care. offers affordable and Read more