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Christmas Night

by Matt February 8, 2008

Christmas night was frosty and sharp, and the fires in the houses burnt bright and warm. Just the sort of night it was in which [...]

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The Kind and Plentiful

by Matt February 7, 2008

On this day in December, the pagani, the country people and farmers, called upon Faunus, beneficial Spirit of the Wild, the Kindly One, to bless [...]

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by Matt February 6, 2008

By His Excellency Sir Alexander Bannerman, Knight, Governor and Commander-in-Chief in and over the Island of Newfoundland and its Dependencies. Whereas it appears by the [...]

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St. Peter's Church

by Matt February 5, 2008

The first thought in Rome is of St. Peter's. We have, of course, often been there, for when there is nothing else immediately to occupy [...]

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The Magic Conclusion

by Matt February 4, 2008

At eight o'clock the whole company was ordered to move into the warehouse, for the grand feature of the evening. Jem was to work the [...]