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Category: Christmas Stories

Christmas Night

Published February 08, 2008        by Matt

Christmas night was frosty and sharp, and the fires in the houses burnt bright and warm. Just the sort of night it was in which to be happy and merry; and at Uncle Bob's happiness, as he expressed it, was in great force. Mrs. Rogers was there with clean face and clean apron, doing something before the fire. The stove in the warehouse was also doing its very utmost to be all right. With radiant good humor it sent forth its flickering light on all around, but it especially favored a great white sheet, in front of which was a double-barreled thing like a new sort of cannon. But it also leaped into the rafters or vanished into the corners as if it were full of larks, in readiness for the twenty boys which it knew to be coming. For those boys great preparations were going on in the house. Uncle Read more

The Kind and Plentiful

Published February 07, 2008        by Matt

On this day in December, the pagani, the country people and farmers, called upon Faunus, beneficial Spirit of the Wild, the Kindly One, to bless the countryside and farms. On this joyful holiday, worshipers offered wine and sacrifice on smoking altars of earth throughout the countryside and danced wildly in the fields that they at other times worked so hard. December 5, Faunus - Hymn To Faunus O Faunus, you who love to chase the fleet-footed nymphs, With kind intentions, may you walk the boundaries of my farm and cross over my sunny meadows. Guarantee me a fertile and bountiful year, and I will not fail in pouring a libation of wine to you. You, 0 friend of Venus, Goddess of the Garden, may the ancient altars smoke with incense in your honor. The flocks roam the grassy fields when December Read more


Published February 06, 2008        by Matt

By His Excellency Sir Alexander Bannerman, Knight, Governor and Commander-in-Chief in and over the Island of Newfoundland and its Dependencies. Whereas it appears by the Verdict of the Jury on an Inquisition of the Coroner, held on the body of Isaac Mercer, late of Bay Roberts, Fisherman, that on the night of Friday, the 28th day of December last, at Bay Roberts aforesaid, the said Isaac Mercer was, by some person or persons at present unknown, murdered: And whereas it is no less especially necessary to the ends of Justice than essential to the protection and safety of the lives of all Her Majesty's Subjects, that the perpetrators of such horrid crimes should be detected and brought to Justice; I do, therefore, call upon all Her Majesty's faithful Subjects to aid and assist the Ministers Read more

St. Peter's Church

Published February 05, 2008        by Matt

The first thought in Rome is of St. Peter's. We have, of course, often been there, for when there is nothing else immediately to occupy our attention, we can repair to this mighty temple, and find a subject for study which is inexhaustible. Instead, however, of vainly attempting a description - for every effort of this kind for centuries has proved that no words can give any idea of this unrivaled edifice - we would rather note down a few of the impressions left upon the mind. The way which led to it was through a series of narrow winding streets, crowded with a miserable population, deeply demoralized, and crushed to the earth by indigence. At length we reached the Castle of St. Angelo, and from this spot a broad avenue opened before us to the massive colonnades of St. Peter's. Our first Read more

The Magic Conclusion

Published February 04, 2008        by Matt

At eight o'clock the whole company was ordered to move into the warehouse, for the grand feature of the evening. Jem was to work the lantern, and Joe was to keep order, and all were pledged to be as good as gold during Uncle Bob's talk. But to speak the simple truth, I do not think that there was one boy-no, not the least boy there, who ever thought of any mischief, or of taking any advantage of the darkness. Lizzie was first carried in by Joe and Tom; and last of all Uncle Bob took his place before the sheet. Two oil lamps flickered their light "upon the rafters above and on the boys below, and the fire glowed a steady red at the back part of the place. Thus there was the mingled brightness and blackness which Rembrandt loved to paint, and which lent mysteriousness and a kind of awe to the Read more