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Category: Easter

Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

Published April 08, 2015        by Matt

Start Planning Holiday gift giving can easily get out of control; if you are still too busy recovering from Thanksgiving and Christmas costs to worry about Easter gifts, then don't fret. There are lots of great Easter basket ideas for girls that cost very little but that will deliver a basket full of fun and enjoyment. Rethinking the Easter Basket Moving Past Tradition Easter baskets were first used by those who brought their Easter feast - to celebrate the end of Lent - to church so they could be blessed. Today, we fill our baskets with a different sort of "feast." If you want to do something a little different this year, why not replace the basket? You can use any sort of container, including: Beach pail Brightly colored box (that can Read more

All About Easter

Published April 01, 2015        by Matt

This post contains Amazon affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links. Easter Crafts, Food, Basket Ideas & Tips Happy Easter! Whether you need ideas for Easter crafts, festive foods, adult gifts or holiday baskets, I've got it all covered in this article. As it happens, Easter is one of my favorite holidays! Traditionally Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus the 3rd day after his crucifixion according to the Christian faith. Early in the church, there was some controversy surrounding the Easter celebration. However today, Easter is a prominent celebration in the Christian community. Like many Christian celebrations, Easter has become a day of celebration and feasting for Christians and non-Christians Read more

What to Include in an Easter Basket

Published March 25, 2015        by Matt

What's in My Basket? This whole article is going to go over the many possibilities of what to put in an Easter basket, based on my own experience of what's been in my Easter baskets over the years. Growing up, my mom always made an Easter basket for each one of her children and put in special little items just for them. These items were based on our age at that time, our current hobbies, seasonal trends, that kind of thing. These made for memories that my siblings and I will remember forever! Are you ready to get started? Let's get to it! Baby Easter Items What to give the baby? As you can imagine, babies are a little tougher to find Easter items for. Baby Easter baskets at my house typically consisted of Peeps, which were gummed on by little ones (I'm Read more

Tips for Decorating Easter Eggs

Published March 18, 2015        by Matt

Crafting Beautiful Easter Eggs There is nothing like decorating Easter eggs to get you in the holiday spirit - unless it's eating a few cream-filled chocolate eggs! We are all familiar with the egg decorating kits that you can buy in any grocery or discount store in March or April, and they can help us make colorful, fun decorations. But if you want a change, or to try something a little more sophisticated and crafty, check out these great tips. You'll have some stunning Easter baskets, and a terrific time. Go Glam Eggs-tra Glam Sequined eggs add a touch of star-studded glamour to your Easter celebrations. You will need: Eggs, blown out Glitter dust Sequins Paper plate Glue To make: Start by putting a layer of glitter dust on your Read more

The Origin of the Easter Bunny

Published March 06, 2014        by Rae Ann

While Easter has always been an intensely religious holiday, many of the celebrations that surround the holiday in today’s society are far more secular than religious. The brightly colored eggs, the bunny who hides them, and even the Easter baskets themselves have very little to do with the religious portion of the ceremony. Wondering how a big bunny fits into this holy day on the Christian calendar? The origins actually date back to Germany in the 1500s. Pre-Christian Germany Spring was long known as the season of rebirth, and one of the most fertile symbols of the season was a rabbit. It’s been said that one of Germany’s pagan goddesses named Ostara used the rabbit as a symbol. The story goes that she would turn birds into a rabbit to entertain the children. The rabbit would Read more