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Category: New Year’s Day

New Year's Eve Celebrations Around the World

Published December 30, 2015        by Matt

 New Years Eve Celebrations Around the World Being from the US - my attention on New Year's Eve is on New York City. The crowds, the ball dropping, the performances... But there is so much more going on around the world. Enjoy my tidbits on New Year's Eve celebrations and spotlights on what others are doing for New Years around the world. Flickr Photo Credit: jazzlog New Year's Eve Traditions Where did they come from? When did they start? Auld Lane Syne *What does it mean? Old times that are fondly remembered. *Where did it come from? It was played by Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians as a New Year's Eve song for the first time on December 31, 1929 Baby New Year *Why? Using a baby to symbol new beginnings is seen in ancient Egypt, Greece, and in the Roman Empire. The modern Read more

New Year's Resolution Diet Ideas

Published January 14, 2015        by Matt

 New Years Resolution Diet Ideas Intro to Dieting Well it's officially the time to make New Year's resolutions. Many people decide to tackle those extra pounds that they put on over the holidays, and it can be difficult! In this article, you'll find a few diets that might just do the trick. Now remember, everyone is different so don't push yourself to diet if you have any health condition that might not support it. Juicing Drink your fruits & veggies Now this is the diet I've been doing lately. I find it a lot easier to drink more fruits and veggies rather than trying to scarf them down. Just this morning I managed to eat a pear, kiwi and orange all in one glass of goodness. It filled me right up and it kept in all the nutrients that are really good for you! Fruits that work great for this diet include apples, Read more

New Year's Resolution Ideas

Published January 07, 2015        by Matt

 New Years Resolution Ideas This year, instead of making a New Year's Eve Resolution that you will have forgotten about by mid- January, why not make a pact with yourself that's a little bit different? Don't be so hard on yourself and maybe choose a goal that you haven't chose before. Even the slightest change can make all the difference. To start, here are a few tips and ideas for making your New Year's resolution this year. Be Positive Don't Worry, Be Happy Some of the most common New Year's Resolutions are to lose weight, exercise more, stop smoking, stop drinking, stop eating cookies... you get the idea. This year, start a new trend and instead of trying to get yourself to break a habit that you hate, vow to do something positive. Work your goal into something that will make you happy, something Read more

New Years Eve Party Decorations

Published December 26, 2012        by Sarah

 New Years Eve Party DecorationsIt’s New Year’s Eve and you’re in charge of the party decorations. What will you do this year to really make the event fun and memorable? Go non-traditional and you will find that guests go wild. The Hawaiian Luau Sure, you can have streamers and traditional hats. But this year, you can really dazzle the crowd by having a theme. Why not have a Hawaiian party for New Year’s Eve? What could be more fun than ringing in the New Year during the icy winter with a festive luau? Depending on your location, you’ll probably have to be indoors come December. But if it’s warm enough, go outside. Roast a whole pig. Do it up with tiki torches. If you’re going to have to stay indoors, you can still have lots of flameless candle torches. Just replace the torch head on a tiki torch (you can find Read more

New Year's Eve Party Food Ideas

Published December 28, 2011        by Sarah

 New Years Eve Party Food IdeasWhen you throw a New Year’s Eve party, you’ll want to have festive foods. But did you know that some cultures shy away from certain foods on New Year’s Eve and believe they will bring bad luck? If you have many ethnicities in your groups of friends, you might want to know what not to serve in addition to what’s best to serve. What Not to Serve If you want to keep the superstitious friends in your crowd happy, don’t serve lobster. Lobsters crawl backwards and that can mean setbacks in the New Year for those who believe foods can alter fate. Also avoid serving chicken or any other bird so that any luck that does come your way won’t fly out the window. You may laugh at such silliness, but there are many cultures that still believe in traditions like these. And don’t expect Read more