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Category: Thanksgiving

A Thankful Thanksgiving Gift Guide

Published July 04, 2018        by Sarah

Facts about Thanksgiving Day The harvest festival of Thanksgiving - in Canada, the second Monday in October - has wandered around the calendar more than most holidays: The first North American celebration was in Canada's eastern Arctic in 1578, by explorer Martin Frobisher. New England's Pilgrims celebrated their first Thanksgiving in autumn 1621, 'with turkey, squash, and pumpkin. This festival was brought to Canada as early as 1750. Abraham Lincoln made it an official U.S. holiday in 1863. From 1819 to 1921, Canada's official Thanksgiving was November 6. In 1931, it reverted to the second or third Monday in October, except for 1935 when it was held on a Thursday. In 1957, Ottawa formalized the present date. Thanksgiving Fun Facts The typical US household devours turkey, Read more

Thanksgiving Family Traditions

Published November 04, 2015        by Matt

 Thanksgiving Family Traditions Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday of many people. It involves so much more than a day for giving thanks. It's also a day to reunite with family members you haven't seen in a while and to relive favorite family traditions and stories. Perhaps you're a newlywed and you and your new husband are looking for ideas on how to start your own family traditions. Here are some ideas to get you thinking. Flickr photo credit: brad_holt Invite a Neighbor Lots of families make it a Thanksgiving tradition to invite a friend or neighbor who they know will be alone. This can turn into a lively and interesting gathering as every year there are different faces at the table. It's also a nice way to share a nice home-cooked meal with those who might not Read more

Kids Thanksgiving Crafts

Published November 02, 2015        by Matt

 Kids Thanksgiving CraftsThis post contains Amazon affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links. Thanksgiving Craft Resources & More Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite days of the year - right after Christmas and my birthday! Besides the delicious food and extra desserts, I loved making turkeys out of paper plates and pilgrim hats out of black construction paper when I was young. Now that I have children of my own I have a lot of fun finding craft projects for them to make as we're waiting for the turkey to cook. I'm not sure who has more fun with the projects - my kids, myself or my mom! We often find crafts from past years hanging around her house as we arrive to celebrate Thanksgiving. This year while the men watch football Read more

Thanksgiving Ideas - Crafts, Recipes & Decor

Published November 19, 2014        by Matt

 Thanksgiving Ideas   Crafts, Recipes & Decor Thanksgiving is a day of thanks! What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friend? Since Thanksgiving is such a family oriented holiday, and you are most likely going to have plenty of people around to share it with, make it memorable! Need some ideas for Thanksgiving dinner? Ideas for how to decorate for Thanksgiving? Craft ideas? No problem! Throw a Thanksgiving dinner unlike no other. However, don't break your back doing it! I've got some great Thanksgiving dinner ideas and tips listed below. Here are several Thanksgiving tips and ideas to help you plan a great holiday celebration with your friends and family. Dinner Ideas - Don't Forget The Turkey! Oh Dear! No Turkey? It just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a Turkey for most people! Read more

Family Thanksgiving Traditions

Published November 12, 2014        by Matt

 Family Thanksgiving TraditionsThis post contains Amazon affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links. Thanksgiving is a time for reflecting on all your blessings from the past year, getting together with your family (even if they are crazy), and of course, eating a big 'ole turkey until you feel stuffed yourself. Speaking of turkeys - according to the National Turkey Federation, over 90% of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Many of us have Thanksgiving traditions that revolve around food. Whether your tradition is deep frying a turkey, making green bean casserole with those crunchy fried onions, or rolling out the best sweet potato pie, there is often more to Thanksgiving than a good looking bird with all the fixings. Many families have adopted other traditions Read more