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Category: Mom Ideas & Gifts

What is a Sprinkle Baby Shower

Published December 17, 2013        by Sarah

 What is a Sprinkle Baby ShowerThere’s nothing quite as special as that first baby shower. The first baby seemingly gets everything though. Big baby showers, completed baby book gifts, Mom’s undivided attention . . . While there’s not much other people can do about the last two, there is something friends and family members can do about the first one. Fortunately, many have decided to pitch in and give the second, third, and any additional babies a shower. It may not need to be quite as lavish as the shower for the first baby, though, which is why these parties for additional babies have been dubbed “sprinkles.” Why A Sprinkle? It was once thought that after the first baby, Mom didn’t need an additional shower. After all, unless the baby was another gender completely, she had everything she needed, right? People Read more

2013 Baby Shower Trends

Published September 24, 2013        by Sarah

 2013 Baby Shower TrendsDon’t think of a baby shower as an event where you’re stuck in a stuffy church basement playing baby shower games where you try to remember what’s in the bottom of your purse. Today’s baby showers are very different. Stay on the trendy side with your next shower. Here are some tips that can help. Gender Reveal: People love a good excuse to have a party, and a baby is a big one. Many are having a party even before the main shower called a gender reveal shower. Instead of finding out what the baby will be in the ultrasound room, the doctor writes the baby’s sex down on a sheet of paper and puts it in an envelope. The parents give the envelope to the hostess of the shower, then she builds an entire shower around the concept of what the baby will be. Green Showers: You probably Read more

What to Give the New Mom for a Push Present

Published July 02, 2013        by Sarah

 What to Give the New Mom for a Push PresentYour wife or significant other deserves something after all of that hard work, right? That desire to reward all of the difficulty and hard work a woman goes through during childbirth has created a new tradition for many – the push present. Wondering what you should give her for a push present? Here are a few ideas that may help you get started. Make Travel Plans: You may not realize it, but this is the best time to take a vacation. Your little one will still be easy to travel with for the next few months because he or she will sleep through the flight and any time you want to go out to dinner, so consider a family vacation the two of you will love when she feels like getting back up on her feet. A Beautiful New Locket: She needs a way to remember you and baby all of the time, and a Read more

Top 5 Books to Read While Pregnant

Published April 23, 2013        by Sarah

 Top 5 Books to Read While PregnantPregnancy lasts nine long months, and for many moms, it’s the perfect time to learn more about motherhood, parenting, and how to do what’s best for the baby. One great way to do just that is with a bit of light reading. Here are some fantastic books you shouldn’t miss while you’re carrying your little one. Even if you're not pregnant, these would make a great baby book gift for the mama-to-be. Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth: What may be on your mind more than anything else during the course of your pregnancy is actually giving birth to your new little one, and whether this is your first child or your tenth, this text should certainly be on your list of must-reads. Written by Ina May Gaskin, a midwife for more than thirty years, the book includes both stories about births she has Read more

How To Make A Pamper Mom Gift Basket

Published January 15, 2013        by Sarah

 How To Make A Pamper Mom Gift BasketWe know what you’re thinking: pamper mom gift baskets have spa items – luxurious bath salts, aromatic body wash, lightly scented candles, silky lotion, a loofah or exfoliating scrub. It is designed for moms to indulge themselves and escape for an hour or two to a nice, steamy, deliciously fragrant bath.  But one thing is missing from this great basket: the luxury of time. Moms, especially new moms, have to work hard to make the time to get in a shower, much less spend an hour lathering up and soaking in the bath crystals. While a spa basket is a thoughtful gift, it may not be the most practical gift for new mom you are trying to pamper. Here are some ideas for alternatives that will be much appreciated: A gift certificate to a favorite restaurant that delivers.  No one wants to make Read more