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Fruit Gift Basket Giveaway (Up to a $100 Value!)

Published April 15, 2013        by Rae Ann

 Fruit Gift Basket Giveaway (Up to a $100 Value!)Add some color to your spring with a basket filled with fresh-picked fruits! Healthy, sweet and delicious, we send the sunshine and orchard fresh flavors straight to you with this fun, new giveaway! All About Gifts & Baskets will be giving away a Fruit Basket or Box (up to a $100 value) to one lucky winner! That person will be able to choose their favorite from over 30 designs featured on our Fruit Gift Basket page. This contest ends April 28th so don't wait and enter today! Whether you're craving the crunch of an apple, or the juiciness of a pear, we have a basket for you!  If you're all about the fruit, we have gifts that are loaded with the amazing flavors of kiwi, mandarin oranges, apple varieties, pear varieties and more!  But we don't stop there, we also feature baskets Read more

How Is Organic Food Defined?

Published January 09, 2013        by Matt

 How Is Organic Food Defined? It used to be that all food that was grown was organic. But times have changed and now pesticides are regularly used on crops. The public’s eye has been turned to organic foods now more than ever. As everyone tries to eat healthier, organic foods seem like a good place to start. Many farmers’ markets will bring produce to sell that is fresh from their farm. But can they call their vegetables and fruits organic? What are the requirements? Government Regulations of Organic Food Organic food is actually under strict regulations by the U.S. government. Not just any food can be called organic. And that’s a good thing. Because there are such high standards, growers are required to provide evidence that they fall under the category of an organic growing farm. Organically grown foods Read more

How To Prepare Citrus Fruit Gifts For Mail Shipment

Published December 26, 2012        by Sarah

 How To Prepare Citrus Fruit Gifts For Mail ShipmentWhy is citrus fruit such an excellent gift idea?  This is the best way to send a little bit of sunshine, a touch of summer, to someone who may be buried under a foot of snow or looking out on a gray, rainy day.  Your gift will not only be appreciated – it will be enjoyed!  Purchasing and shipping pre-made fruit baskets or arrangements can be pricy, especially if you fill in the gaps with some gourmet goodies.  If you make your own, you can save money, but will your package arrive fresh and ready to be eaten or spoiled and bruised?  Whether it's a celebratory gift, or a sympathy fruit basket, here are some pointers for preparing citrus fruits for mail shipment. Fruit Selection Citrus fruits, like oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes, kumquats, and ugli fruit, are a bit easier to ship Read more

Health Benefits of Popcorn

Published May 30, 2012        by Sarah

 Health Benefits of PopcornPopcorn is a healthy snack.  Wait!  Before you crack open that holiday popcorn tin, head off to the movies and get an extra-jumbo bucket of it, consider that the health benefits come from the plain, unadorned kernels that are, ideally, air-popped.  All the butter, salt, cheese, and other toppings we put on may add to the delicious taste and aroma, but they also add to the calorie content and fat count.  It is easy to enjoy both the wonderful flavor of popcorn and its healthy attributes.  We’ll show you how. First, don’t go to the movies!  Movie theater popcorn is tempting – and that’s why they load it up with butter, or butter flavoring, and salt.  The smell makes us throw down large amounts of money for this normally very inexpensive snack.  It’ll cost you about $8 for Read more

DIY Garden Art Ideas

Published April 04, 2012        by Sarah

 DIY Garden Art IdeasJust about anything can serve as garden art these days. If you want to ornament your garden without investing a lot, create your own garden art from things you already have around the house. Look at castoffs in a new way. Before you bring your recycling to the drop off, look through it and see if you might have anything in your bucket that could be used to decorate your garden. There are probably some amazing choices in there that could make your garden look like a folk art grotto. Bottles are especially good for garden art. Turn them upside down and put them on a stake or a piece of bamboo. Blue bottles or especially pretty glass bottles can be used to line a walkway in a unique way. Use large mouth glass jars and canisters as candle holders. Drop in a pillar candle and place it on a garden Read more