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Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees

Published November 06, 2017        by Matt

We scoured the internet to find great corporate gift ideas for employees so you don't have to. Here are our favorites. But first: Why get a corporate gift for employees? Motivation is a genius way to increase an employee's productivity, job contentment, and reduce employee turnover. Moreover, employee motivation might strengthen a company's reputation and industrial relations. Despite these benefits, most managers lack tactics to motivate their employees at a reasonable cost. As a result, the managers end up overspending in employee motivation and some even shy off from motivating their employees because of the common misconception that the exercise is expensive. If you fall in any of the categories above, then this article might be helpful. Herein, we discuss some of the top corporate Read more

The Ultimate Corporate Gift Ideas Guide - 2017 Edition

Published October 07, 2017        by Matt

For 20 years our customers have asked us to help them think about the best corporate gift ideas. So we decided to pull together 182 years of collective knowledge into one place.  We've heard back from hundreds of business owners and office managers which gifts their clients preferred and we've made a mental note over the years. According to Fortune, with over 75% of businesses planning to send some form of gift to their clients and employees in 2017, we wanted to save you from wasting time with too many  and help you really understand what your options are so you can quickly and easily find the perfect way to say Thank You. Here's what we'll answer today: What are the best corporate gift ideas? (We’ll make you hungry and then some) Why should I give a client or employee Read more

12 Charts for Every New Baby

Published July 25, 2017        by Matt

We scoured major medical websites for the best and most helpful new baby charts.  If you're not a new mom, pass this on to someone that is! We have a few gift ideas for new babies as well! As a new mom, you might be wondering if your baby is getting enough sleep. This chart will give you a general idea of how much sleep your baby should get and how long each sleep session should last. You will probably want to get your own rest during your baby's snooze sessions. (Make sure they sleep with some cute personalized blankies!) Here is an interesting infographic to help you interpret the amount of milk your baby should receive each day during the first year. Milk provides important nutrition for your growing baby and should be a consistent part of his/her diet. Colic, Read more

Most Popular Valentine's Day Gifts in Every State

Published January 26, 2017        by Matt

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and we're already seeing lots of questions come in about what's the most popular Valentine's Day Gifts.  We sell a LOT of gifts for Valentine's Day, stuff we can't believe guys send their girlfriends and wives, but hey, whatever floats your boat!  This year, we decided to look back at what everyone was sending in each state, and even sent out a survey to thousands of our customers to ask them what they sent. And there's a lot to be surprised about.  Chocolate surprised us as being a top gift in more states than we expected, especially in the Northeast.  Lingerie?  Is there a reason why it's the top gift in states with mostly Hot Weather?  Or are they sending a different signal?  Spa related gifts eeked out a #1 win, not by much, in Virgina Read more

29 Reasons Why Christmas Gift Baskets are Amazing Christmas Gifts

Published December 13, 2016        by Matt

29 Reasons why Christmas Gift Baskets are terrific last minute  Gifts. (with clickable Pictures) Everyone loves Food.  Christmas Gift Baskets have lots of food. Fill their hearts and their bellies. You can make it look like you assembled it yourself. Take it apart at home and slip in a personal card! It's hard to make something look that good on your own - Don't take it apart, let it look glorious when they unwrap it. "I don't want a basket full of chocolate", said nobody ever. You can make diabetics happy - All this talk of chocolate makes us realize not everyone should be eating all this chocolate. here's a handful of great Diabetic Gift Baskets You can make Jewish people happy - Yes, Kosher gifts exist! And they are delicious Men will always appreciate Read more