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Celebrate Life Each Holiday - The Days of our Lives

Published August 24, 2007        by Nicole

The most special times in ones life are the moments we spend celebrating holidays with family, friends and loved ones. These moments in time are ones that we remember as the years pass by; these are the moments we treasure in our lifetime.

Holidays and special occasions are an important part of our lives. Can you imagine a life without holidays or without specials occasions to celebrate? It would be a life less joyful and a life less meaningful.

When I look back on my life, what I remember the most is the wonderful Christmas' I have had, the most romantic Valentine's Day, the most enjoyable Easter and all the traditions that were associated with these holidays. Not only do I remember the Holidays that were celebrated but I remember the special birthdays I have had and the most blessed of all occasions, the birth of my children.

What is more amazing and exciting is to instill these holidays and special occasion traditions into our children. What fun it is to teach our children about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and to see their excitement rise as these particular holidays approach, and the pure joy emanating from them as they wake on Christmas Day to open Christmas kids gifts or on Easter Day to see what Easter basket goodies were left for them. What fun it is to see their excitement level rise as the celebration of their birthday nears. Through each generation, these celebrations of life are instilled in our children.

As we age, it certainly won't be the bad day at work that we had in 2005, the rainy day we had in 1997, or any other minor daily events that will be remembered. It will be the holidays and special occasions that we remember most of all.

Life is too short and it goes by so quickly. Life is meant to be celebrated and with each holiday and special occasion we celebrate our lives, our family and our friends. Each holiday and special occasion we celebrate is a milestone in our lives and leaves an etch in each of our memories.

Why not make these holidays and life occasions even more memorable for someone special in your life? Holiday Gifts & Gift Baskets has something for every holiday and special occasion celebrated in life, from Christmas to birthdays to weddings and anniversaries to the birth of a new baby. Exquisite gifts and gift baskets that will WOW your gift recipient and that will earn you praises.

Celebrate your life and celebrate the special people in your life. Make each holiday and special occasion one that will be remembered throughout your life and your loved one's life. Be the one that others think of when they remember a special holiday or event.