Cheap Baby Shower Games

Cheap Baby Shower Games
Cheap Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Game Ideas

These days it can be ridiculously expensive to throw a baby shower so I've put together some ideas for cheap games so you can spend your baby shower budget elsewhere. Many of these ideas involve some DIY time and effort while others are simply just more affordable than others. No matter what you choose, games are a great way to get guests talking, laughing, and sometimes even cussing if they aren't doing so well. Choose a few of these do-it-yourself baby shower games and have FUN!

FREE Printable Baby Shower Games

Nothing is cheaper than FREE so I've scoured the net to find baby websites that have totally FREE shower game cards that you can print out for the big event. Check these sites out:

  • Plan The Perfect Baby Shower offers about 15 different baby shower games that can be printed right from your computer.
  • Keep and Share has 5 FREE printable games as well as many do-it-yourself game ideas.
  • Welcome Baby has about 20 free and printable baby shower games.

Did you know that we have our own collection of 8 different games that you can simply download and print from your personal computer, for free? Our games include Baby Shower Bingo (with cards for up to 30 players), Baby Shower Scattergories, Who Knows Mommy Best, Word Jumbles, and the famous Purse Game.

If you are throwing a farm or jungle baby shower, check out their Baby Animals Name Game where players must name the offspring for any given adult animal. Guests will need their thinking caps for this game. Also if you are having a nursery rhyme themed shower, they have a Name That Nursery Rhyme Game that would be perfect.


 Cheap Baby Shower Games

My Favorite Cheap DIY GamesCheap Baby Shower Games

  • Baby Item Memory Game - Borrow 10 to 15 small baby items (or buy them if you want some little new Mom gifts to give to her after the shower). Place the items on a large tray or cookie sheet. Hand out blank pieces of paper and pencils to all of the guests. Then, the hostess should parade the tray around the room stopping for just a few seconds at each guest's chair so they can get a quick look at the tray of items. Cover the tray back up and give the guests a few minutes to write down all the items on the tray. The one that gets the most items wins.A twist on this game is to parade around the tray and then have another person ask the guests to write down exactly what the hostess was wearing (including jewelry). Usually everyone is so focused on the tray that they aren't even looking at the hostess so you'll get a few laughs when you tell them what to write down.
  • ABC Baby Alphabet Game - Make up game sheets on your computer or hand out blank pieces of paper where the guest's write down the A-B-C's in a long column down the left hand side of the piece of paper. Then, tell the guests that they have 2 minutes to write down a baby related term or item for each letter of the alphabet. For instance, Bottle for B. The guest that has the most letters filled in wins the game.
  • How Big is Mommy's Tummy Game - You are sure to get a few laughs and giggles with this fun baby shower game. Just buy some super cheap toilet paper at a Dollar Store or warehouse store like Sam's Club. Using rolls of toilet paper (or yarn), let each guests tear off toilet paper or cut a piece of yarn that they think will measure the same length as Mommy's new waste-line. Have the Mommy-to-be stand up in the middle of the room. Then have each guests wrap their toilet paper or yarn around Mom's tummy to see who is closest to the right size to determine the winner.
  • Baby Food Guessing Game - Buy 10 small jars of baby food and remove the labels (be sure to mark a number on the side of the bottles with a sharpie and keep a master list of what food corresponds to what number (so you can determine the winner). Pass the jars of baby food around and have the guests write down what kind of baby food they think is in each jar. They can't taste the food - they are only allowed to smell and look at it. The guest who gets the most right wins the game.
  • Guess Who? Baby Pictures Game - On the invitations, request that all of the shower guests bring along a baby photo of themselves (newborn to 1 year old). While the guests are mingling, have a helper place the photos on a piece of poster board (to hang on the wall) with removable tape on the back of the photos or lay the photos (in frames if you want) all out on a table and assign each photo a number. Have the guests write down which shower guest corresponds to which numbered baby photo frames. The guest who gets the most baby photos matched to guests wins.
  • Draw Baby's Face - This is another game that will have your guests laughing out loud. Give a round paper plate and crayon to each of the shower guests. Have them place the plate on top of their head and ask them to draw the baby's face on the plate while they are being timed for one minute. After the time has passed, ask the mom-to-be to pick the winning baby face drawing.
  • Don't Say Baby Game - When the guests arrive at the shower, give each of them a yarn necklace that has either five removable beads or safety pins. Any time they get 'caught' saying the word baby during the shower, they must give one of their beads or pins to the person that caught them. At the end of the baby shower, the person with the most beads or pins wins.
  • Baby Word Scramble Game - If you have a computer, you can easily make up game sheets for the guests to use at the shower. Take 20 to 25 baby words (like blanket and pacifier), scramble them up (knablet and rifcaipe) and put them on the game sheets. At the party, hand out the game sheets and give guests 5 minutes to unscramble as many of the words as possible. The person with the most unscrambled words wins.If you aren't computer savvy or just don't have time to make game sheets, you can buy the baby shower unscramble game at several online merchants.
  • Guess How Many Game - Fill a jar or large glass container with a baby item like safety pins, baby blocks or blue and pink jelly beans. Depending on what you use, you can give the items to the expectant Mother or to the game winner as a little congratulations gift. Then have guests estimate how many items are in the container. The one closest to the correct number wins.
  • Baby's First Photo Game - Have guests make up a photo using images and items they cut out of magazines (requires you to have lots of magazines, paper and glue) to make a baby photo. Then ask the guests to vote for or the Mom-to-be to choose the winning photo.

Funny YouTube Baby Shower Game Video

Really funny baby shower game video that might make you LOL!


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