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Children Are Teachers of Life

Published July 31, 2007        by Kim

We can learn so many things from the eyes and mind of a baby and toddler. We, as adults and parents, think that we are the teachers of our children. But have you ever stopped to think what children teach us?

While we try to teach our children all about life, children teach us what life is all about.

Children are in fact the teachers of our life and can teach us the greatest lessons we'll ever learn. Take the time to watch and listen because you will learn a lot about life from these wonderful little people.

Children teach us to laugh and have fun and truly enjoy life to the fullest.

Children are open and honest. Yes, those funny things they say can be embarrassing but children are not scared or intimidated to say it "like it is."

  • Children love unconditionally.
  • Children do not judge people on race, color or religion.
  • Children are not afraid to show their true emotions.
  • Children teach us to appreciate the world and the wonders of nature.
  • Children do not hold grudges and they forgive and forget very quickly.
  • Children love to be taught and learn new skills.
  • Children teach us perseverance and to not give up.
  • Children take risks in life and are fearless of the outcome.
  • Children teach us creativity.
  • Children teach us that money and material objects are not the key to happiness.
  • Children do not judge people on the way they look but look at the beauty within a person.
  • Children teach us the beauty of life.
  • Children teach us how to be better parents.

Our babies and toddlers can disrupt our plans and our sleep, and they can certainly try our patience from time-to-time. However, they also bring out of us the greatest love we will ever know.

If you listen, watch and learn you can gain many life's lessons from your children. Let your new baby and/or toddler teach you what life and love is all about! They will be the greatest lessons you will ever learn!

In another aspect, one of the greatest things you as a parent can do is expose your baby and toddler to books. Books encourage learning and language skills and imagination. We have a great selection of baby book gift baskets, perfect for delighting the new baby and toddler.