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Children Need Their Fathers Too

Published October 16, 2007        by Nicole

It takes two people to bring a child into the world - a Mother and a Father.  Just as important and rewarding is the role of a Mother, the role of the Father is equally important and rewarding.

In this day and age, more and more children are growing up with one parent.  The divorce rate is steadily increasing, and, unfortunately, many children do not have the support of two parents in one home on a day-to-day basis.

I was one of these individuals who grew up without my Father in my daily life since the time I was 2 years old.  In addition, we were also separated by long distance and I was unable to get to know my Father completely and emotionally.

My Mother, the pillar of love and strength raised me to the best of her ability and did a fantastic job.  I turned out to be a good person, and I am so thankful for her and her sacrifices.  I love her to pieces! Truly, it must have been difficult to raise a child on her own.  She had the role of both Mother and Father and it wasn't an easy road at times.

But I wonder?  What would it have been like to be raised with two parents in the home?  Would I be the same person as I am today or would I have been different?  Perhaps more secure in my thoughts, opinions and self-esteem?  I cannot say and will never know.

However, as a Mother of two young children, both blessed with having their Father around on a daily basis, I do see how important the Father's role is to the children.  They need the love and support of both parents, there is no doubt.  My children have double the love, support and attention and they are very well-rounded and happy toddlers.  As time passes and the road of life continues on, I will enjoy seeing the difference in my children and the positiveness they will derive by having two parents in their lives.

One should not underestimate the role of a Father.  It is unfortunate that divorce and other life-altering events and circumstances separate children from the two most important people in their lives who brought them into this wonderful world.  Sometimes these situations and events cannot be undone or rectified.  However, sometimes they can and if at all possible, think of your children first and foremost!

Often the Father is in the children's life but their role is downplayed and is not treated as equally as the role of a Mother.  It is unfair to the children and to the Father.  No matter the situation, allow your children to get to know their Father and spend time with him.  Don't let personal feelings get in the way as it is not your feelings that are being torn apart, but your children's feelings and thoughts.

For those that were blessed with having a Father in your life, celebrate your Dad, the wonderful man in your life on Father's Day!  Near or far, Holiday Gifts & Gift Baskets has a diverse selection of Father's Day gift baskets perfect for him!