Chocolate Corporate Gift Ideas

chocolate corporate gift ideas
chocolate corporate gift ideas

Business Gifts: How to Shop

Buying gifts can be a tricky business; what does the recipient want, and more importantly, what does she not want? Does she have this, does she have that? It can be very difficult to buy for the people we know intimately; buying for those we may not know as well may at first seem much harder.

But it can be delightfully and deliciously easy. Next time you are going to give corporate gifts, think chocolate.

Making Chocolate Specialchocolate gifts

And why chocolate?

Chocolate is almost universally loved; Americans eat almost 12 pounds of it every year, so chances are very good that your recipients will love it - or that they'll bring it home for their family, who will love it!

But what to give? Tossing a handful of chocolate Kisses into a bag won't make the cut for a corporate gift, so what can you do to create a memorable chocolate gift?

Big Ideas

Try these on for size!

The key is to deliver wonderful, gourmet treats that your clients, employees, and associates do not get to enjoy on a daily basis. Some examples of these chocolate business gifts include:

  • Milk chocolate covered almonds.
  • Peanut butter bonbons.
  • Hand-dipped truffles.
  • Exotic truffles, like the incredible Basil Absinthe Truffle, which has the flavors of anise, dark chocolate, fennel, and aniseed or the Black Pearl Truffle, which successfully adds the warmth of ginger with the cool touch of wasabi. Anything out of the ordinary is sure to be appreciated by sophisticated recipients.
  • If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, try Bacon Caramel Toffee. It is probable that your recipients hadn't known bacon was a great complement to chocolate, but it is!
  • Champagne truffles.
  • Exotic chocolate bars, such as Cayenne Pepper Chocolate Bar, Honey and Walnut, Nutmeg and Pistachio, Sea Salt and Soy, and other interesting flavors. If your company prides itself on being different from the rest, this is a great way to show it.
  • Gourmet cocoas.
  • Chocolate novelties. These can include edible chocolate logo boxes, where your logo is on the front, filled with truffles, chocolate golf balls, or even things like airplanes, cars, and other objects. This is a great way to show off your corporation's image.
  • Milk or dark chocolate orange, apple, or pear in foil. These are wrapped to look like their fruit counterparts.
  • A travel mug filled with dark chocolate-covered espresso beans.
  • Chocolate logo lollipops.
  • Photo chocolate bars. These are amazing; they have a photo made from chocolate and surrounded by truffles. What could be more scrumptious? You can also find these in ornament shapes. Explore the option for business logo bars as well, yummy with a message!
  • Corporate chocolate bar with your logo in the center, and then in each small square of the bar.
  • Chocolate wine or champagne. ChocoVine is an example; this blends Dutch chocolate with fine cabernet. This is an interesting blend that will certainly make an impression.

Let Your Gift Say it Best

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One of a kind gifts for a stand-out company

If you have shopped for chocolate gifts, you know that they tend to be expensive, especially the exotic truffles and novelty types.

These are wonderful if you are giving to a limited amount of recipients, but the cost can quickly become prohibitive. If you need to watch costs (and who doesn't?) it is generally better to get a few high quality gifts rather than a larger quantity of cheap gifts. Corporate gifts are intended to thank the recipients, but they are also designed to convey the impression of success.

Chocolate makes for ideal business gifts; it never fails to impress, and it is versatile enough to allow you to let your corporate image and personality shine through.

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