Christening Gift Ideas

Christening Gift Basket

A Christening of a baby is a special time for everyone. You want to give a gift that’s unique and meaningful. Here are some thoughts on just what to give that special baby in your life.

Embroidered Bibs and Blankets

An embroidered baby bib or receiving blanket is the ideal gift for a Christening. You can have baby’s name and a Bible verse or quote sewn on it. Many companies online offer personalized sayings as well as choice of fonts for baby’s name.

Time Capsule Kit

Commemorate baby’s special day with a Time Capsule. You or baby’s parents can fill it with memorabilia from the day baby was Christened or baby’s birth date. Add in all sorts of trinkets and news articles as well as baby’s tiny hand and footprint. When baby is all grown up, she will marvel at just what was going on at the time she was born.

Engraved Silver Cup or Baby Silverware Set

With silver being more precious than ever these days, a gift of a silver baby cup or sterling silverware set is a truly wonderful gift. Have baby’s name or initials engraved and she’ll have a keepsake to remember all her life.

Personalized Silver Rattle

A silver rattle with baby’s name engraved makes an heirloom treasure. It’s a lovely nod to yesteryear when all pedigreed babies were gifted with finery such as this. Plus, it's a personalized Christening gift that will be cherished for years.

Personalized Keepsake Box

The keepsake box is a darling idea because not only can you personalize the outside with baby’s initials or name, but you can also customize the contents inside. You might want to include a savings bond or a special piece of jewelry baby can wear when she grows up. Or, you can include a charming silver baby bracelet that baby can wear now.

Meaning of Name Plaque

A unique gift is a plaque that bears baby’s name and its origin and meaning. It’s fun to read about the name now and see if baby grows up to develop the qualities mentioned in the print. (Sarah means God's Princess, etc.)

A Personalized Bible

To commemorate the bringing of a child into the Christian faith and giving him a Christian name, a personalized baby Bible with his new name emblazoned on it is an enduring gift. As the child grows, he’ll think of you as he reads it and remember your thoughtfulness.

A Christening Outfit

Depending on how close you are to the baby and her family, you might offer to purchase the baby’s Christening outfit as your gift. Many new moms and dads are thrilled to have a generous offer such as this. You might offer to shop with the new mom at specialty stores for the outfit or search together online to decide on the perfect choice. There are some absolutely wonderful outfits being made for little boys and girls that don’t cost a fortune but that they’ll treasure in the family for years to come.

Personalized Plate Set

For a gift that will last well into baby’s adult years, select a porcelain or china place setting with baby’s name on it. You can find many designs online from the cute to the more grown up. Have it personalized and as baby grows, the set will come out for holiday dinners. When baby’s all grown up, she can take it with her to her own china cabinet.

If you are the host of the Baptism celebration afterwards, don't forget the baby Baptism favors to give your guests to thank them for coming.

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