Christmas, 1871

Oh day of happiness, warm joys and friendly heat,

(Which Winter hard - at stern meridian - sets at naught), Unheeding icy thralls the time it glows,

And sparkles with the radiance of the gemming frost, whose cunning hand has wove the festal pictures, that greet the kindly holy day,

And draws for prince and cottager alike a wizard curtain to the outer world.

Clear, bracing strung with very glee doth seem the air, the crisp snow crackles to the springy foot,

And gifts the stealthy moccasin with sound.

The hearty rigor of the days - the cold, the happy days, awakes the current of the tranquil blood

This hurries from the gladsome cheerful heart,

To post beneath her sentinels, the eyes, and ruddy glows defiant, as with a laugh the eager blast doth buffet speed and flee away.

Cheer, heart some cheer! And rings the unspoken benison,

Hope, Heavenly Hope - doth seem to breathe - this is

My natal morn.

The mind doth teem with Christmas Hymns - sweet as the day; And beams the earth with gladness love and praise;

The myriad accord which nations sing,

Hail Prince of Peace, Redeemer, Lord and King!

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