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Christmas Baby Shower Ideas

Published December 04, 2015        by Matt

Christmas Baby Shower Ideas

A Christmas Baby Shower can be a great idea for many reasons! First, it gives people another reason to gather at the already festive season. Second, it makes good sense since many of your guests may already be traveling home for the holidays. Plus, the mom-to-be gets to take a break during the hectic holiday season and celebrate the coming birth of her little one.

Manger Theme

There are so many ways you can incorporate Christmas into your baby shower theme. If you have Christians in your family or on the guest list, they'll be familiar with the baby Jesus in the manger. Even if guests are not religious, they'll still know the story. You can do a lot with a baby in the manger theme like have a North Star and you can put gifts around the manger. Christmas Baby Shower Ideas

Christmas Baby Shower Invitations

Christmas Baby Shower Invites

Find these adorable invitations at Etsy

You can have a lot of fun with the invitations for the baby shower. Make them to look like stockings complete with a fuzzy top (with fur fabric or cotton ball trim) Wrap a square invitation in Christmas Wrap. Use a manger scene to give the message you're waiting for your special arrival. Send a unique announcement with a cookie invitation!

Possible wording could be:

There'll be a new stocking on the Johnson's Mantle!

A holiday delivery is on the way but it's coming by stork - not Santa's sleigh!

No more nights as quiet as a mouse. Someone new will soon be stirring in the Peterson's House!

The stork is helping Santa this year, and will soon deliver a bundle of cheer!

Presents Theme

Another way to go is with a "presents" theme. Send out invitations made of wrapping paper on card stock that look like wrapped presents. You can ask everyone to bring a holiday wrapped baby shower gift for the baby. It can be something little and you can put all the small gifts inside another larger cardboard box wrapped like a present.

Baby's First Christmas Ornaments

Baby's First Christmas Ornament
 Christmas Baby Shower Ideas

Christmas Baby Shower Games

Christmas Baby Shower GamesCHRISTMAS Baby Name Game

Print off sheets of paper in Christmas colors such as gold, red and green with the word CHRISTMAS vertically down the left hand side of the page.

Each guest gets a paper and then also set a time limit - 5 minutes is probably plenty.

All players list both boys and girls names for each letter of the word CHRISTMAS. (For example: C = Christopher/Cheyenne).

The Winner of the game can either be the person who has the most answers in common with mommy-to-be, or the person with the most unique answers (they cross of the name if any one else also picked that name, then count how many t hey have left not crossed off).

The Christmas Tree Game

Give your guest's a piece of green construction paper each and see if they can manage to rip the the paper into the shape of a Christmas tree - the catch is they have to do it behind their back!

You can set a time limit, and if you'd like to add more difficulty, have pre-cut ornament shapes (with tape on the back - about 3 per person) and once they have their tree done they have to put the ornaments on - again behind their back.

When the time is up, have the mom-to-be pick the best tree.

Christmas Gift Pass

Have everyone sit in a circle and have enough small gifts wrapped up for each person (with a few extra just in case).

Give everyone a gift, then turn on some lively Christmas music.

As the music plays, the guests will keep passing the gifts around the circle. When the music stops, they get to open the present they're holding. Add some gag gifts to the mix makes this even more fun. Wrap the gifts in odd shapes boxes to add to the suspense!

Ornament Decorating

If you have a smaller arsty/crafty group, you could have everyone decorate an ornament for baby. Buy glass balls or ceramic snowflakes then set out everything need to create the keepsake - paint pens, glitter, ribbons, etc. The ornaments will be wonderful memories and mementos for years to come.

Check out this great collection of Printable Christmas Party Games!

Christmas Tree Theme

Christmas lends itself to the decoration of trees. So you can focus your shower around a celebration of lights and trees. Do up a tree in honor of baby with all baby items. You can do a table top tree with pacifiers, spoons, diaper cream, thermometer, tiny nail clippers, and more. Make them items the mom can really use with baby. Tie ribbons to the packages and tie them to the branches of a little tree. Then mom can take the whole thing home to enjoy during the season.

Many companies sell strings of lights in fun shapes. You can decorate a whole tree with rubber ducky lights or a string of train-shaped or teddy bear lights. Decorate small trees around the house or one big tree.

Christmas Cookies

If you are having the shower at your house, why not decorate your whole tree with baby themed ornaments. It will look cute for the whole season and you can always reuse the ornaments or give them to the mom-to-be later. A good theme is antique toys. You can do up the whole tree with pink or blue ribbon and then add ornaments that look like old wooden toys from yesteryear. You can include teddy bears around the base of the tree and in between branches. Have a baby doll that looks like an angel in white at the top of the tree.

Cookie Theme

Christmas cookies are a great way to celebrate baby's arrival. Bake up some cookies in the shape of baby booties, hats, baby feet, or teddy bears. Frost them or paint them in pastel or holiday colored icing.

You can even make pretty stained glass cookies in the shapes of a baby cradle or a present. These are the cookies you cut out and then bake with pieces of hard candy on them so that when they melt, they look like stained glass windows in the cut-out areas.

Christmas Shower Favors

Christmas Baby Shower Ideas

There are lots of fun things you can do with your baby shower favors. Wrap your favors in Christmas gift wrapping, or place them in a mini Christmas stocking. Personalized holiday party favors are a fun gift for your guests and can include hot cocoa packets, lollipops, chocolates and more!

Don't Forget A Gift!

Baby's First Christmas Gift

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