Christmas Gift Ideas for Teen Boys

Happy Teenage Boy

Forget about your mother-in-law, your boss, your neighbor, your friend who has everything; if you have a teenage boy on your shopping list, he will be the most difficult to shop for.  Maybe you’ll get lucky and he’ll give you a list, categorized by preference and price range. Yeah, we didn’t think so.  Here are some Christmas gift ideas for teen boys that will make him feel like a “kid” again on the big day.

If you are the primary gift-giver, you can splurge a little and buy something off the old wish list; he’s not too big for a wish list, no matter what he says.  Try a new mp3 player, tablet, e-reader, laptop, or phone. These are all expensive options, so wrap it up, put some chocolate and small gifts in the stocking, and call it good!

If you need less extravagant gifts, consider:

  • iTunes gift cards. Perfect for the music lover and the guy who loves to work out to motivational tunes. New ear buds are a great accompaniment as well.
  • Amazon gift card. Usually, people warn you away from gift cards because they can be perceived as impersonal. However, teenagers are a great exception to this rule. They will like being able to choose what they want – and not have to pay for it. It’s perfect.
  • Multi-tool. Choose a Swiss Army, Gerber, or Leatherman multi-tool that will be the go-to for emergencies, camping trips, road trips, and when he needs to cut a tag off a new shirt. You can find a huge variety of these tools, ranging from very simple with a few tool options to a toolbox-in-your-pocket type gadget. There are even personalized knives that you can order!
  • An electronic reader, such as a Nook or a Kindle. If he already has one, give him a gift card to get some good reads.
  • A real wallet. If he’s outgrown his little kid Velcro deal, get him a real wallet.  Leather is the absolute best choice because it is durable, classic, and folds flat and comfortably.  Maybe tuck a bit of green or a gift card in there to give him another surprise?
  • New video game. If the teen boy on your list has a game system, hook him up with a new release. Ask him (or his parents or best friends, if you want it to be a surprise) for the titles of a few must-haves.
  • Hobby supplies. If he likes to bike, for example, get him some gear. Try a new water bottle, inner tube cellphone holder, bike lights, a lock, or a messenger bag if he bikes to school, work, or friend’s houses. If he likes to snowboard, get him some new goggles or gloves.
  • Survival para-cord bracelet. These are manly bracelets, not to worry. They are woven from para-cord, which can be unwoven in survival situations. Hopefully, he won’t encounter any of those anytime soon so he can keep his cool accessory.
  • The Hub Man. This is a fun USB that attaches to your computer and increases the number of USB hubs that you have. Of course, it’d be nice if this came with a device to charge…
  • Food. You cannot go wrong.  Arrange a gift basket of baked goods, including cookies and brownies, or go with a snack gift basket with chips, candy, pretzels, nuts, sausages, cheese, crackers, and other goodies.
  • Outdoor Survival Kit. This particular kit comes with a flint stick, saw, and whistle. The flint stick allows you to make fires with (relative) ease; the saw is a useful tool for building a shelter; and the whistle is handy for SOS messages.  You can find other kits with different items included, but an outdoor kit is perfect for the nature-lover or camping enthusiast.
  • Socks. Just kidding! Don’t get him socks.

Teen boys can be very difficult to shop for; make it a bit easier on yourself by using this list as a guide.

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