Christmas Gifts For Corporate Clients

Christmas Gifts For Corporate Clients

Christmas Gifts For Corporate Clients

The Christmas season is when many corporate professionals and companies give gifts to their clients to show appreciation for their business. The key to a great corporate gift is giving something that is specifically tailored to the recipient.

If you are sending something to several people in an office environment, be sure to buy something that they can all enjoy (e.g. Christmas food baskets). However, if you are sending something to an individual, find out what their interests are (for example, if they like sports, then tickets to a sporting event would be a terrific idea.)

In this lens, I've put together a list of some of my favorite customer Christmas gift ideas including something for just about every style and price range. I hope this list gives you ideas for corporate gifts to show your appreciation this season.


Holiday Gift Basket

Christmas Gifts For Corporate Clients

My number one favorite gift for clients is a holiday gift basket that is overflowing with ready-to-eat goodies for an entire office. Be sure to select a gift that includes both sweet and savory goodies so that you can please everyone's palette.


Magazine Subscription

corporate holiday gifts

Who doesn't love flipping through the latest magazine? These are an especially good choice for the traveling business associate. Give a gift that keeps on giving! Choose a magazine that you know your recipient will enjoy. If he is a golfer, then choose something like Golf Digest. If she loves fashion, then Vogue would be the best option. If you don't know their hobbies, you can always ask a fellow office mate so that you don't ruin the surprise. Christmas Gifts For Corporate Clients


Executive Desk Accessories

desk accessories holiday gift

 Christmas Gifts For Corporate ClientsA fancy desk doesn't have to be cluttered with knick-knacks. Desk accessories are a fabulous gift for the customer in your life. The right desk setup is ideal for staying productive. Visually interesting and appealing accessories can elevate anyone's desk. It's the place where they spent most of their time. The right desk accessories can help them be more creative and productive.

Some of the most stylish accessories for their desk include business card holders, lamps, artistic paper clips, retro staplers, and a desk calendar. You can even give them stationery and a pen with your company's name on it.

Gourmet Gift Towers

Christmas Gifts For Corporate Clients

Another great gift that is designed to feed a group of people in an office is a gourmet Christmas food tower. These days you can find tons of companies that sell towers overflowing with all kinds of delectable goodies such as fresh fruit, chocolate covered almonds, peppermint bark, caramel corn and more.

If you'd like to incorporate your logo on a Christmas gift, towers yield the perfect opportunity on the ribbon that holds the gift together. Logo ribbon is a tasteful way to include a logo without being too promotional. Remember, it is about saying thank you and not about self-promotion.


Gift of the Month Club

holiday gifts for clients

One of the best gifts you could give your client is a monthly gift. There's always the traditional beer, cheese, coffee, or fruit clubs. Newer options include the ability to send a wide variety of items such as meats, underwear, and healthcare products. Some of the most popular monthly gifts are the ones that are the most unique and thoughtful.

Monthly gifts give your customers their favorite things each month with the same variety and timeline. Just like you would read a different book every month, you get to sample a new wine each month, smell a different bouquet of flower each month, or try a different cut of meat each month.

Monthly gifts are popular for the holidays because gift givers want their recipients to remember them every month of the year. Most businesses use monthly clubs to build loyalty and trust with their customers. Their business is always on their mind throughout the year.


Wine Accessories

Personalized Wine Accessory Set

Get a bottle of wine locally and add some accessories along with a hand-written card for the perfect client gift. Be sure that your client actually drinks alcohol before purchasing this type of gift to avoid any faux pas. Consider giving them personalized wine accessories, like wine bottle holders or a wine stopper, to make it a truly special gift.


Wine Gift Basket

Christmas Gifts For Corporate Clients

If you know that your recipient is a wine connoisseur, then choosing a gift that incorporates wine is a no-brainer. That said, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle by purchasing a Christmas wine gift basket online.

Let someone else take care of choosing some great tasting wines that will pair well with the gourmet goodies also included in the gift. Best of all, they can ship it directly to your recipient which will definitely relieve some stress this holiday season!


A Book (Perhaps a Small Business Book)

best client holiday gifts

A thoughtful book makes a great gift for the holidays. While e-books have grown in popularity, there's nothing like receiving a physical copy of a book. Some people prefer to hold a book in their hands and feel the paper in between their fingertips. Holiday gifts should benefit them.

A fiction book wouldn't be appropriate unless you know what they love to read. Opt for a personal development book by their favorite author or a book about running a small business. Another option is to get a professional book that's focused on the industry. You can also get them a book related to a hobby they've been learning about for some time.

These types of gifts will stick out in their mind. They'll think about every time they reach for this book. They'll appreciate the time you took into finding a book they like. If all else fails, you can get them a subscription to a monthly book club. This is great if they're an avid reader and would love to read more books on a regular basis but have failed to do so. A membership presents them with the opportunity to read a new book each month.


Belgian Chocolate Gifts

Belgian Chocolate Holiday Gift

Men and women alike love chocolate so if you want an inexpensive gift that they'll savor, consider a gift box of basket full of Belgian chocolates. You can often find a 1/2 lb Gift Box of Fancy Belgian Chocolate for less than $20. Perfect for a chocolate lover or for an office to share!


Christmas Gifts For Corporate Clients

Another tasteful (and tasty) way to incorporate your logo on a holiday gift for clients is on gourmet cookies. You can get them a holiday cookie basket or even make your own treats for them like you would make for your own family. This sweet treat will certainly show them your appreciation!


An Experience for the Entire Family

family outing client holiday gift

Something special you can do is give a gift that provides an experience for your customers. Some business owners give their colleagues everything from luxury cars to private jets. Some experiences can be purchased as gifts. Another thing you can do is give a gift of an experience for their entire family. For example, you can give them tickets to the theater or the zoo. Other options include tickets to a Broadway or theater play.

This will provide an experience none of them will forget. Giving experience-based gifts to your customers every holiday season will give your business a boost.


A Membership

best christmas gifts for your clients

Your customer may have expressed an interest in working out, but has never followed through with it. Give them a membership to the gym or the yoga studio. It's super appropriate for them to use in the coming new year. Other membership gift ideas include a subscription to the Dollar Shave Club or Spotify Premium. Give your customer a gift that's appropriate and well thought out.


Digital Picture Frame

client holiday gifts

A digital picture frame makes the perfect gift that your client can use to look at a photo of their family and friends. Every time they look at their loved ones, they think of your business. A digital picture frame allows them to display more than one photo of their loved ones. Some of them come with features such as high-definition, slideshows, and a timer. Your client will love it so much that they may even include a photo of you.


Did you find the perfect gift for your customer from the list? Share your story with us, or ask your questions below!

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