Christmas Gifts for Every Age

Christmas Gifts for Every Age

Christmas Gifts for Every Age

Tips for Gifts for All Ages

T'was the night before Christmas and you are near tears, with no idea what to get your kids of all years, you hop on the web and what do you find, this wonderful post that might help you unwind.

When Christmas time comes around, it's sometimes hard to shop for all different ages and still manage to maintain your sanity. For this reason, I've put together a section for each age group that might just help you brainstorm or choose a gift or two this year and take your stress level down a notch or two.

Hopefully with this post, you'll have a little help when it comes to finding a few gifts for all different age groups this holiday season! So kick back, relax, and be open for some wonderful gift ideas.


Baby Gift Ideas

Baby Christmas OutfitChristmas for Infants

So you've got a little baby this holiday season. Well congratulations, because that is a real joy!! Now take a deep breath, because infants are quite possibly the easiest age group to purchase gifts for. They don't have any wants beyond a clean diaper, a full tummy and maybe something to suck on. So feel lucky that you really can't go wrong baby gifts for your little one this year.

Image courtesy of babasteve on Flickr

Here are some ideas for your baby's first Christmas:

  • New Pacifiers
  • Multi-Colored Teething Toys
  • Soft Toys That Play Songs
  • Diapers (yes, really!)
  • A New Bowl & Spoon Set
  • First Teddy Bear

Cute Baby Gift Ideas - Video

Toddler Gift Ideas

Christmas Gifts for Every Age

Terrifically Two, Three, or Four

At this age, things get a little more difficult but in all seriousness, all they're going to want are some toys that move and make noise. If your toddler is potty trained, maybe surprise them with some new underwear! They'll be so excited to be a 'big kid' now and you'll have a simple gift without having to stress yourself.

Image by glenmcbethlaw on Flickr

Here are some more gift ideas for your toddler this year:

  • Noisy, Light-Up Trucks
  • Dolls that React, Move or Make Noise
  • Animal Sets with Noises
  • Books with Sound or Pop-Ups
  • Clothes (yes, really!)
  • Sports Toys
  • Counting or Alphabet Toys


Middle-School Gift Ideas

Christmas Gifts for Every Age

They're Growing Up So Fast!

So your child is in middle school. Chances are, if they're in between the ages of kindergarten and sixth grade, they'll have made you a long list of all the new toys that they've seen in the latest Target or Toys'R'Us ads.

Image courtesy of Samuel Mann on Creative Commons

In the event that they haven't, here are a few ideas that might light up their eyes this Christmas:

  • Kids Laptop (these are like laptops, but are only mock-ups of a real laptop that helps the kids learn)
  • Leapfrog Notepads
  • Clothes and Undergarments
  • DIY Craft Kits
  • Personalized Rocking Chairs
  • A Simple MP3 Player
  • A Scrapbook That They Can Work On
  • Chapter Books (shop according to their personality)


Junior Highers Gift Ideas

Christmas Gifts for Every Age

Grades 6, 7, and 8

These kids have it rough at this age. They're all about finding out who they are and what they want to be. Not only this, but they get pretty caught up in who everyone else is and then they try to conform or fit that mold. To help them discover their individuality, celebrate traits that you see in them that makes them unique.

Image by OakleyOriginals on Flickr

Here are some ideas to help you with these 'tweens' Christmas gifts:

  • iTunes Gift Cards
  • MP3 Player
  • Clothes
  • Light Perfume or Cologne
  • Radio or MP3 Speakers
  • Novel Books
  • Light Make-Up or Hair Product


High School Gift Ideas

Yes, They Usually Are High-Maintenance

So you've arrived in the world of "Omigosh, she said what? Nuh uh, Omigosh!" and are at a total loss for what to get your high school aged child this year for Christmas.

Odds are, parents like, totally don't understand right now, so their list is probably left up for interpretation on your end. Other than the usual "I want a car for Christmas" request, let's look a little bit into more practical gift ideas for teenagers this Christmas.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • iTouch or iPod
  • Mini-Laptop
  • Gift Cards for Clothes
  • DVD's or a Movie Gift Basket (ask for help at the store from a hip young associate)
  • iTunes Gift Card
  • Cell Phone
  • MP3 Speakers
  • Car Accessories


College Kid Gift Ideas

Christmas Gifts for Every Age

Because They Need a Little Love Too

If your child is in college (near or far) then you are most likely aware that they are scrounging around to make do with the basics. Surprise them this year by supplying them with things that they need. Food, books, rest items, gas cards, and all that other fun stuff. This age typically appreciates the practical items that they would have to buy anyways, but don't always have the money for.

Image courtesy of exit343 on Flickr

Here are a few items for college kid gift ideas:

  • Gas Gift Cards
  • Grocery Gift Cards
  • Clothes Gift Cards
  • Bookstore Gift Cards
  • College Apparel (sweat pants or sweat shirts)
  • An Extra-Plush Pillow
  • Yoga Mat and DVD
  • A Care Package
  • Down Comforter

Christmas Appliances - 2015

Adult-Appropriate Gift Ideas

Wine Country Gift BasketGifts for Neighbors, Family or Friends

On top of all the kids' gifts this year, you'll probably have to invest some time into finding a gift for a neighbor, family member, friend, or even a parent(s). In this case, it's usually best to just make your gift simple and practical. At this point, the adults likely own anything that they could ever want and so you won't be providing them with anything that they really need (although there are certain situations where this isn't true, so definitely see if there is anything that they do actually need).

In any case, here are a few ideas for your adult friends, family or coworkers:

  • Wii Console or Games (great to pass time or get exercise)
  • A Restaurant Gift Card
  • Wine Gift Baskets
  • Candles and/or Home Decor
  • Baked Goods
  • Funny Board Games
  • Custom Calendar with Pictures of Family (Look on for ideas)
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