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Christmas Greetings

Published September 04, 2007        by Nicole

A greeting I give unto all,Into whose hands this paper chances to fall.A greeting which often our fair hearts doth cheer, 'Tis "A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year."

Be you Yankee, Canadian, or Half-breed free, Police officer, Policeman, or Eastern M.P.,

Cattle king or cowboy, I care not a jot;

Or a swell from the Old Country fresh and hot.

To each one and all I at this time extend,

This welcome of friendship to all as a friend. Old settlers, noted as "wrestlers" bold,

Have learned in the past how to gather up gold,

But whilst all here strive for what most men still crave, in the hour of death its man's soul cannot save. There's a pearl of great price offered free to all,

Which this Christmas season to our minds recalls;

Let all then take heed this great pearl first to find,

To which the world's wealth is not equal combined.

It is offered alike to rich and to poor,

And upon the holder will always ensure,

In the midst of this world its toil and its strife,

In the pressure of business and bustle of life,

In sickness, in health, a true friend ever near, With "A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year."