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Christmas in the Wild West

Published October 23, 2007        by Nicole

Christmas is very properly considered a time when a little more license than usual should be given. If a certain number of people believe that they can extract more enjoyment from a state of hilarious intoxication than in any other way, let them do it, as long as they do not interfere with others who may think differently. If some people can squeeze amusement out of chewing one another's ears off, by all means let them chew, and gouge and bite and scratch. So long as they only kill one or two among themselves in this way, no one would grieve very much. No one would care to interfere with such pleasant little pastimes as those indicated above.

But we do draw the line at shooting.

Both on Christmas Eve and on Christmas night, peaceful citizens were aroused from their sleep by the howling of a drunken mob. This was not all. Shot followed shot in rapid succession, and the fusillade was kept up until morning. The shots were not harmless ones either, but were ball cartridges, fired from forty-five calibers revolvers. On Xmas night, the precaution of firing into the air was not even taken, but the shots were fired right down the main street. And even if they were fired into the air, the danger from a falling ball is just as great as direct from the pistol.

We have not the least hesitation in saying that such a method of enjoyment (?) is disgraceful in the extreme, worthy only of the lowest class of the western desperado, who makes a big noise to give people the impression that he is real bad. It matters not to such men that some of those shots might kill some one on the street, or even penetrate a dwelling house, and perhaps kill a woman or a child. What care such men for women or children? They must appear bad no matter whether school keeps or not. Steps will be taken to see that the performance of last Thursday and Friday nights is not repeated, and sure and speedy punishment will be meted out to those who cannot use a privilege without seriously abusing it. Verbum sap.