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Christmas Raffle for MacGugin's Pig

Published February 05, 2008        by Nicole

The snow lay sparkling on the ground, and all around was gay,'Twas a merry Xmas evening up in Placentia Bay. It seemed as if the world was there, the crowd it was so big, 'Twas pay a buck and try your luck for Sandy MacGugin's pig. An old time Xmas raffle, for a pig that was won by Cuff, Who bid good-bye, his time was nigh, he's bust on pork and duff.

Sandy's wife cleared up for the dance, with a smile so sweet and big, Well she might, for I know that night she cleaned up on the pig.


The fiddler he was in good trim, he played loose though he was tight, His music made the tomcods waltz, near Sandy's stage that night, When the dancing began, girls all looked for a man, their toes in the floor they dig, For weeks they were sore, but they're longing for more, Like the night that they raffled the pig.


The snowball king was in his glee, he banished care and strife, He was a bag of fleas that night, chock full of life. The ale king too was present, and sang with might and main

That thirsty song that make you long, happy days are here again.

Katie Renouf that night brought her snuff, often a pinch she would take, She tickled the crowd, cause her clothes were so loud, they'd keep everybody awake, Tom and his lassie were up from Trepassey, the pig they thought they'd take back, They were forty that night, and the pork was in sight, till Cuff put his five on their Jack.

Big Jim Kean from Harbor Main was there that night with his stock, She had a wart upon her nose, her face would stop a clock; One eye was glass, her leg was cork, on her head she had a wig; Alas poor Jim, we said to him, he should swop her for the pig.

Soon the Brown Mule done its duty, big Jim began the job, He tripped the blonde from Kettle Cove Pond, and broke MacGugin's gob.

He took the door from off the hinges, and tried to dance a jig, But the floor came up and hit him, at the raffle for the pig.

MacGugin swore that he'd no more the snowball boys invite, Sure we wore out our welcome at MacGugin's home that night. And though we may not go again, we'll remember for many a day

The Christmas gift raffle for the pig up in Placentia Bay.