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Classic Christmas Movie Favorites

Published December 24, 2014        by Matt

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top classic christmas movies

Great Movies Make Great Fun

Santa Claus - Christmas Movies

When the Christmas season begins, the classic Christmas films come out of storage. Whether you hope to catch them on TV or you want to own them on DVD. Maybe you're looking for Christmas gifts to give. These are some of the greatest Christmas movies ever made.

Make it a tradition to see them every year with friends or family. Make a party of it with popcorn and eggnog as a fun break in the hustle and bustle of Christmas.

Image courtesy of ladydragonflyherworld on Flickr.

A Christmas Story

1983 Christmas Movie

A more recent hit, this 1983 movie has now become a true classic. It features the life of Ralphie, a boy in an average town in 1950's America. It's a charming and funny version of Christmas according to Ralphie. The nutty antics of his family as seen through the eyes of a child make this a holiday classic worth seeing every year.

The leg lamp, the BB gun, and the bunny pajamas have all become Christmas classics because of this movie. The voice over narration lends a very special feel and lots of hysterics to this must see. It's a sure hit for that Christmas gift basket you are making this year.

Top Christmas Movies
Image by s_herman on Flickr

It's a Wonderful Life

its a wonderful life
Image by dmelo1432 on Flickr

1946 Christmas Movie

You can't turn your TV on at Christmas time without seeing this movie on several channels. It's a Frank Capra classic from 1946 starring Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed. It shows what life would be like had the main character never been born.

Its heartwarming ending is now a part of holiday tradition. Even though this movie was a dud when it came out, it is now an essential part of every Christmas movie list.

Is it on yours?

If you're adding this one to a movie gift basket, then don't forget the tissues. This movie is way too cute that they might just find themselves with misty eyes. Yes, even you, tough guy.

Preview Clip - It's a Wonderful Life

White Christmas - 1954 Christmas Movie

White Christmas (Anniversary Edition)

White Christmas (Anniversary Edition)

This 1954 film is etched in the history books as one of the greatest Christmas films ever. Most people think the song "White Christmas" came from the movie, but it's actually the other way around. The film was written around the tune, which by that time was already popular. Bing Crosby stars in this lighthearted musical. It can turn even the grouchiest Scrooge into a sweetheart.

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 Classic Christmas Movie Favorites

"Snow" Song - From "White Christmas"

Miracle on 34th Street

Image by s_herman on Flickr
Image by s_herman on Flickr

1947 Christmas Movie

It was 1947 when this now-classic film first came out. It starred a young Natalie Wood as a girl who didn't believe in Santa.

When her mom, a Macy's executive, hires a man to play Santa things get interesting. The man claims to be the real Kris Kringle.

This is the film that put the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade on the map.

A Christmas Carol - 1951 Christmas Movie

Disney's A Christmas Carol

Disney's A Christmas Carol

Just about any version of this film is a good one. The 1951 version, however is a real must see. Alastair Sim stars as Scrooge who is visited by the now notorious three ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Future. There have been so many presentations of this film that it's hard to make it through the holiday season and not encounter it. There's a reason it has become a fixture in the American Christmas. Its message is one of hope and it is entertaining for a new batch of youth every year.

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 Classic Christmas Movie Favorites

Scrooge - A Christmas Carol

The Bishop's Wife - 1947 Christmas Movie

The Bishop's Wife

The Bishop's Wife

1947 was a great year in film. It produced this beauty of a film starring Cary Grant as an angel come down to earth. He's sent to help a bishop regain his purpose but what he finds is that he's tempted by earthly things-such as the bishop's wife. It's a light and amusing tale that will brighten the season.

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 Classic Christmas Movie Favorites

Short Clip - The Bishop's Wife

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