Clothesline Baby Shower Theme

Baby Clothes Line Shower Theme

Baby Clothes Line Shower Theme

Moms love dressing up their new little one in style so why not incorporate those adorable little clothes into the shower that you are planning by using a clothesline or clothes theme. You can even take the theme a step further asking your guests to bring mostly clothing gifts in various sizes.

Planning a clothes themed or clothesline baby shower can be oh-so-easy when you follow all these tips for the baby shower food, invitations, gifts and even the party favors. Your guests will be oohing and aahing from the moment they walk in the door to the party.

If you have any great clothes line themed baby shower ideas that you'd like to share with the rest of the world, please leave a comment below. Enjoy and have fun planning!

Clothes Themed Shower Invites

For the baby shower invitations, you can buy fully customized invites that have all the shower details printed for you... all you need to do is put on a stamp and mail them out. Another more affordable option is to buy the packs of 8 or 16 invitations with blanks where you must fill-in all the shower details. Beware that for big showers, you might get some hand cramping!

Tie the clothes theme into the shower gifts that guests bring to the shower. On the invitations you could specify a size range to each guest so that Mom gets a whole range of sizes from newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months and 12 months. That way she can dress baby in style for the entire year.

Finally, you can create your very own onesie themed shower invites by downloading this free printable template by clicking here. You'll find step-by-step instructions for making the invitations. The template is available in both pink and blue. Consider adding a clever verse like '[dad's name] and [mom's name] are adding a pink or blue addition to their line! Join us for a baby shower!'

Baby Clothes Decorations & Tableware

Baby Clothes Decorations & Tableware

Decorating for a clothes-themed baby shower can be fun and fairly easy.

Clothesline Decorations - One of the most adorable ideas is to string a clothesline across the room where the shower is being held and then hang up come cute little baby clothing like booties, onesies, sleepwear, blankets, diapers, etc. You can give the clothesline full of clothes to the expectant Mom as your shower gift. If Mom needs diapers more than clothes (say a 2nd or 3rd child), you can still use a clothesline, but instead of hanging up clothing, you can create your own baby shower banner that reads B-A-B-Y-S-H-O-W-E-R by painting those letters on 10 diapers and then hanging them from the clothesline. Another option is to utilize the clothesline as a place where guests hang their 'New Baby Tips' for mom on cut-out onesies that you've made from construction paper. See the instructions for this fun baby shower activity in the games section below.

I also recommend decorating with some classics like streamers and balloons in a color scheme that matches your tableware and other shower decor. I've seen mylar balloons in the shapes of onesies at some online retailers. The napkins, plates, beverage cups better known as Baby Clothes Tableware can be purchased at Shindigz. also sells a wide array of tableware in both a pink and blue color scheme with a baby clothes theme.

A great baby shower centerpiece are baby bunches that incorporate onesies, baby booties, bibs and hats that are rolled to look like flowers and then assembled to be a beautiful bouquet. See the video of the original gift creator that was on Martha Stewart below for detailed instructions below. You can place these in vases on the buffet and gift tables and then give it as a baby clothes bouquet to the Mom-to-be.

I also love the idea of a diaper cake to utilize as the baby shower centerpiece. Diaper cakes use disposable diapers as a base, but then you can build in components such as baby booties, hooded towels, soft receiving blankets and other baby clothing. Diaper cakes are available in up to 5 tiers that stand nearly 2 feet tall so they can make quite an impression on the buffet or gift table.

How To Make A Baby Bunch - An adorable centerpiece bouquet made from baby clothing!

Clothesline Party Food Ideas

For most baby shower themes, you can create clever food and treats that tie in perfectly. However for a clothes themed shower, it is best to go with some of the classics when it comes to food. Some of my favorites are small sandwiches, tortilla roll-ups, bruschetta, stuffed mushroom caps, oriental chicken salad, fruit and veggie trays with dip, spinach dips and nacho dips. You can find a whole range of appetizer type recipes at Plan The Perfect Baby Shower.

For snacks, be sure to have some snack mixes and nuts in small bowls throughout the party area. For beverages, I recommend either a pink or blue punch depending on the gender of the baby. Use some frozen blueberries or raspberries to act as the ice cubes in the punch bowl.

You can theme many items by using a onesie or overall-shaped baby cookie cutter to cut out cheese slices, small sandwiches, cookies and even jello jigglers.

For the cake, check out these step-by-step instructions from Wilton for a Baby Clothesline Cake.

Instructions To Make Washcloth or Sock Rose Bouquets

Games & Activities For A Baby Clothes Themed Shower

Games & Activities For A Baby Clothes Themed Shower

Hang The Laundry Game - This is a hilarious game and it is a great choice for couples baby showers too. You will need lots of room for this game so if you are throwing the party in a small space, I wouldn't recommend it. You will need to hang one or two clotheslines that are sturdy enough to hang a bunch of clothes from them (it would be great if you have an outdoor party where you happen to have an actual clothesline in the backyard). Do a test run BEFORE the shower to make sure that the lines are sturdy enough to hold all the clothes.

In a big laundry basket, place about 10 articles of clothing such as a baby blanket, pair of booties, sleepwear, onesies, little dresses, hooded towels, etc. and have plenty of clothespins to hang them up. Tell your guests that each of them will need to run to the clothesline from the starting line, hang all the clothes and then return to the line. The fastest guest wins the game. Well that doesn't sound so bad right? Well then explain that they must hold a baby doll in one hand, a pacifier (or bottle or cell phone) in the other while hanging the clothes. Makes it a bit harder, huh!!

For a couples shower instead of having one person go at a time, have the couple stand side-by-side with their arms around the backs of each other. They then use their outside hands to hang the clothes. It is funny to watch!

Clothespin Baby Shower Game - When guests arrive at the shower, give each of them a clothespin to pin to their shirt and explain that they can't say the word 'Baby' during the shower. If another guest catches them saying 'Baby', they must give their clothespin to the person that caught them. The guest with the most clothespins at the end of the shower wins a prize.

Dirty Diaper Guessing Game - You can buy a game kit online or you can make this game up yourself.

To do it yourself, you'll need 8 to 10 disposable diapers with a number written with a Sharpie on the outside of each one. You also need the same number of different miniature candy bars such as (M&M's, Snickers, Baby Ruth, Milky Way, etc). When you are ready to play the game, unwrap and place a candy bar inside each diaper and place them in the microwave for a few seconds until the candy turns into a gooey mess. Be sure to record what candy you put in what diaper number BEFORE you microwave them.

Give each guest a piece of paper and a pen having them number it with the same number of diapers you'll be passing around. Have the guests pass the diapers around the circle telling them to identify what candy bar they think is in each diaper. The guest that writes down the most correct answers wins. As you can imagine, the smelling, poking, etc of the gooey looking candy pooh can be quite hilarious! Don't forget to have the camera ready:)

Change The Diaper Game - For this game, you'll need at least one baby doll, some diapers that fit the doll, and teams of two guests.

Set up a baby changing area on a table: doll with a diaper on it, baby wipes, baby powder and diapers. The team's two members should stand in front of the changing table with their inside arms wrapped around each other's waists and their outside arms free to change the baby. Obviously, they'll need to work well together to change baby. Explain that the team must remove baby's diaper, wipe the baby, powder baby's bottom and then put on the clean/new diaper. When they are finished they should yell 'done'.

Have a timer ready and yell go recording how long it takes each team to change the baby. Be sure to have some sort of quality control rules so that a team gets disqualified if they forget a step or do a horrific job. One idea is to hold baby up by the arm pits - if the diaper falls off the team is DQ'd. The fastest team time wins. This is a great game for couples showers as well!

Baby Tips Activity - Before guests arrive, cut-out little onesies or other baby clothing shapes from construction paper and hang a clothesline in the shower area. When guests arrive, hand them a piece of baby clothing cut out of construction paper where they can write their favorite baby tip to the new mom. Give them a little clothespin and have the guests hang their tips on the clothesline. It makes a great decoration during the party and Mom will have some fabulous tips from all her friends and family.

Handpaint Onesies - This is a fun activity for all your guests and best of all, Mom gets to take home a bunch of unique baby onesies created by all her friends and family. Buy some plain white or lightly colored baby onesies prior to the shower along with fabric paint. You can find all kinds of non-toxic fabric paint at local arts and crafts stores like Michaels. For the onesies, plain white works the best in my opinion and you can find them in packs of 5 at places like Target or Walmart. Be sure to get high-quality ones that Mom will be happy to dress baby in. Finally, you might want to have some sample onesies or photos of cute clothing on hand to give the guests some inspiration. For example, I did one at a shower where I painted irregular black spots all over the onesie and then painted 'Got Milk?' in black with red trim on the chest. This was something that I had seen on a bib one time.

Clothes Themed Shower Favors

Clothes Themed Shower Favors

Coordinate your favors with the shower theme

As the photo above shows, you have some great online options for baby shower favors with a clothes theme. Edibles such as personalized cut-out cookie party favors or personalized candy bars are an excellent choice. The ones above feature a clothesline of both pink and blue clothing making them a good choice for a baby boy's or baby girl's shower. They read 'Pink or Blue, We Welcome You!'.

If you want to do the favors yourself, you could buy onesie or overall shaped cookie cutters and make your own cookies or even soaps using a soap-making kit from a craft store. Another great option is to buy clothes-themed treat bags from a place like Amazon and fill them with any sort of candy or small thank you gift for your guests. You can make little personalized hang tags on your computer and then clip them to the favors with clothespins. They look adorable!

Clothes Baby Shower Giftsclothes line baby shower

If you are invited or hosting a clothes-themed shower, you can't go wrong with a layette baby gift set like those in the photograph above. Layette sets normally feature a wide range of baby clothing and essentials such as blankets, baby bibs, sleep outfits, onesies, hooded towels and more. Many of them can be personalized with baby's name which also makes them an excellent choice to welcome the new arrival when they make their way into the world.

I've outlined many other great clothing themed gifts throughout this post like the baby bunch clothing bouquet in the YouTube video, any sort of baby shower diaper cake, and whatever time of day or clothing size you may have been assigned by your hostess.

I was just shopping for baby clothing for a friend that had preemie twins the other day and the sheer number of clothing choices is overwhelming. But I must say that I had so much fun picking out clothes for the two little girls. So have fun with this shower theme... I know I would!!

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