Cookie Tins - An Easy Gift Packaging Idea

Image by Barry Bloye on FlickrWhat is the best part about using cookie tins as gift packaging?  It’s easy; you don’t have to worry about your baked goods getting crushed in transit. The sizes and shapes make it possible for you to deliver just the right amount of cookies, brownies, or other goodies for holidays, birthdays, and other occasions.  They are reusable; your recipient can use the cookie tin for everything from storing hair accessories and toys to organizing drawers.  Cookie tins are always an excellent gift packaging idea.

You probably have more than a few cookie tins laying around the house from long-eaten gifts you’ve received yourself.  Why not put them to use?  With a little creativity and a few craft supplies, you can revamp your cookie tins and get them ready for more gift-giving.  You can then fill them with cookies, brownies, candies, and even cookie dough so your recipient can make cookies when she/he wants.  They also make a great case for puzzles, small kids’ toys, games, cards, coffee packages and/or tea bags, and other gifts.

Cookie tins make a great gift packaging idea year-round, but the problem is that many of us have Christmas cookie tins in excess. We can’t give those to someone for Easter Sunday or their July birthday.  Sure we can; we just have to give them a makeover.  Here are some ways to do just that:

  • Choose a spray paint that is specifically designed to work on metal.  Any color will do, but metallics look especially great.
  • If you want to use acrylic paints, make sure you buy some that is meant for use on metal. Regular acrylic will simply scratch right off at the merest provocation, so your beautiful Easter tin suddenly starts showing its true Christmas roots.  You can find acrylic paint in craft stores that is meant for painting watering cans and other metal objects.
  • Sand the surface of the tin if it is slippery or glossy.  This will help the paint adhere to the tin better.
  • Image by Facing North East on FlickrIf the tin has embossed writing, you can sand it off to make a smooth surface.
  • Whether you are using spray paint or acrylic, make sure you clean the cookie tin carefully with hot soapy water and allow it to dry completely before painting. (You don’t want a rusty gift tin!)
  • Try your hand at decoupage.  You can do this with tissue paper, gift wrap, brown lunch bags, old maps, old greeting cards, and other types of paper that you have torn into small pieces.  You can buy decoupage glue or save money and make your own.  Simply dilute tacky white glue (such as Elmer’s); it should be about one part water for one part glue.  Apply a layer of the glue with your fingers or a small sponge and then lay bits of the paper down.  Apply another layer of decoupage glue and then more paper.  Layer until the underlying design is covered thoroughly.
  • Cover the tin with fabric.  Transform the tin into a lovely box that can be used for sewing notions, craft supplies, or even jewelry and other treasures.

If you are using the tins for cookies, baked goods, or other food items, make sure that all paint and glue has dried completely.  When it has, wash the tin with hot soapy water.  Before you add the cookies to the dry tin, line the bottom with parchment, waxed, or tissue paper.

Cookie tins make an ideal gift package for any number of gifts; don’t feel limited to cookies – although those will certainly be appreciated by most recipients!  Instead of buying gift bags, gift boxes, or wrap, look in your home, find some empty tins, and get to work.  It will make your gift that much more special.

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