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Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees

Published November 06, 2017        by Matt

We scoured the internet to find great corporate gift ideas for employees so you don't have to. Here are our favorites.

But first: Why get a corporate gift for employees? Motivation is a genius way to increase an employee's productivity, job contentment, and reduce employee turnover. Moreover, employee motivation might strengthen a company's reputation and industrial relations. Despite these benefits, most managers lack tactics to motivate their employees at a reasonable cost.

As a result, the managers end up overspending in employee motivation and some even shy off from motivating their employees because of the common misconception that the exercise is expensive.

If you fall in any of the categories above, then this article might be helpful. Herein, we discuss some of the top corporate gift ideas for employees used by wise managers to keep their workers motivated all year round. Some corporate gift ideas include:

1. Personalized gifts
2. Personalized clothing
3. Corporate food gifts
4. Unisex gifts
5. Items with corporate Logos
6. Luxury employee gifts
7. Gifts that are services

Top Employee Gift Ideas That Work

      1. Personalized gifts
        corporate food gifts with logo
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        The use of customized gifts is one of the cost-saving ways through which a manager can motivate an employee. Personalized gifts are items that have an employee’s full name, initials, photo, monogram, or any other symbol that identifies an employee uniquely. In addition to an employee's personal identification information, managers can also personalize a gift by using colors, styles, embroidery, and engravings that accommodate individual preferences.

        Some of the personalized gifts that you could consider include a customized photo frame, kitchenware and bags. The choice of an award will depend on an employee's personal preference. Unlike general gifts, a personalized gift shows how much you know your employee, and at the same time, it lets your employee know how much he or she means to your company. Depending on your financial strength, you can opt for a cheap or a slightly expensive gift.

      2. Personalized clothing
        Bags as Gifts
        Another great corporate gift idea for employees is the use of personalized bags. Similar to personalized gifts, you can personalize clothing using an employee’s personal information, favorite embroidery, text, photos, color, or any other art.Some of the customizable clothing that managers could consider include t-shirts, neckties, hats, footwear, men wear, ladies clothing, and accessories.

        Giving out personalized apparel is an excellent way to motivate your employee by showing that you support him or her. Besides stimulating an employee, personalizing clothing also has other advantages to your company.For instance, personalized clothing with your company’s logo is a cost-effective way to advertise your business out there as well as improve brand identity. On the other hand, personalized clothing enhances team morale among your company's employee. Personalized apparel is relatively cheap.

      3. Corporate food gifts
        corporate cookie gifts
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        As the name suggests, corporate food gifts are branded food items branded with the company's logo, inspirational messages, an employee's personal information, favorite art, or any other engravings that make the gift food different from similar food items sold in the market.Some of the typical corporate food gifts that make the best gifts for employees are chocolate, groceries, bottles of wine, cookies, popcorn, appreciation tea mug, cakes, and any other food item preferred by an employee.

        While some foods like drinks and groceries cannot be personalized, managers can opt to present them in customized gift baskets. Corporate food gifts are an excellent way to express your appreciation to employees and sharing the corporate food is a great way to bond.

        Like other gifts we have reviewed above, corporate food gifts are affordable but highly valuable in showing your employees that you value them.

      4. Unisex gifts
        cool corporate gifts for employees
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        As we all know, a gift that can delight a woman may not trigger the same feeling in a man. In this case, we suggest that you get a unisex gift. As the name suggests, a unisex gift is intelligently designed for both female and male employees.

        Some great unisex gifts for employees include office stationery, personalized bags, totes, drinkware gifts, gift cards, desks, and prints, among many other unisex gifts. Unisex gifts are thoughtfully designed to be unique, they are perfect for any occasion, and they create a lasting impression.

      5. Items with corporate logos
        corporate gifts for employees chocolate
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        Wise managers use gifts with corporate logos to motivate their employees as well as increase their company’s brand visibility. Corporate gifts with corporate logos can be corporate food gifts, personalized clothing, or personalized gifts. Unlike the gifts we have reviewed above, gifts with corporate logos have several benefits to the employee as well as the firm in multiple ways. Some of these benefits include:

        1. They foster employee morale
          The first benefit that you would receive from issuing gifts with corporate logos is enhanced employee morale and cohesion. For instance, employees who receive awards because of their excellent work are known to put more effort to maintain or even improve their winning record of accomplishment.
        2. Gifts for corporate gifts with logos improve brand image
          In addition to boosting employee morale, organizational gifts with logos can increase brand loyalty and visibility by associating your brand image to the employee who uses the gift. As such, this would be a free way to market your company as you keep your workers motivated.
      6. Luxury employee gifts
        employee corporate gifts
        Decanter & Barware Ideas In as much as investing in affordable gifts seems like excellent employee gift ideas to protect your company from the financial issues related to expensive employee motivation, giving a luxury employee gift can at times work magic.

        For instance, top executives argue that a luxury employee gift can give an employee the feeling of being valued more as compared to when you give him or her with an inexpensive gift.If you are on an economical budget, you can shop around for stylish gifts that look luxurious but are sold at a low price. You can also shop around for discounted luxurious gifts or buy in bulk at a wholesale price rather than the retail price.

      7. Services Gifts
        corporate gift ideas
        Gifts in the form of services are some of the best gifts for employees. Most gifts that are offered in the form of services are intended to give the employee a break from the usual working routine. Some of the gifts offered in the form of services include giving an employee a vacation and organizing events like sports and other recreational activity. Services gifts break the monotony of doing similar things on a daily basis, and they give the employee some spare time to spend with family members.


  1. Final thoughts
    Our corporate gift ideas for employees above are a cost-effective way to motivate your employees all year round. Which approach was your favorite on our list? Share your comments to let us know. Also, if you have a better idea, you can share it here to enlighten other readers.

3 thoughts on “Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees”

  1. Excellent ideas. I really liked the idea of items with company logo. This will make them remember their organization no matter where he heads in their careers. Good post.

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