The Ultimate Corporate Gift Ideas Guide - 2018 Edition

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With the holidays upon us, you may be starting to look for a corporate gifting idea to thank a client for their business or a high performing employee for their hard work.

A nice, personalized gift is a great way to tell them you appreciate them. It also will give them the incentive needed to continue working with you. So what are the best corporate gifts for clients or the best gifts for employees?

According to Fortune, with over 75% of businesses planning to send some form of gift to their clients and employees in 2018, we wanted to save you from wasting time with too many  websites and help you really understand what your options are so you can quickly and easily find the perfect way to say Thank You.

We cover a lot of ground here, with over 20 unique ideas.  Tell us in the comments which is your favorite?

1. Movie tickets are a great way to show appreciation

corporate gift ideas

A couple of movie tickets make a great client or employee gift idea. Who doesn't enjoy a night out with a friend or significant other? The great thing about movie tickets -- the recipients can see a movie of their choice, so you don't have to guess as to what type of films they enjoy. No horror movies for the romantic comedy lover! Movie tickets make an especially great gift for parents who don't get out of the house often (outside of work) and need an excuse to get away for a night.

Of course, it's always a good idea to be sure the recipient of your gift enjoys seeing movies in theater. If not, here are some other client and employee gift ideas.

2. Luxury Corporate Gift Ideas

Executive Corporate Gift Basket Ideas
Executive Corporate Gift Basket

Luxury corporate gifts require a more intimate take on the gift tower. You could always get a nice wallet or pen, but given our experience with feedback from customers, we recommend considering corporate gift baskets which are great for getting ever so slightly more personal. If you happen to know someone is particularly interested in a particular type of food or beverage, this is the ideal opportunity to let them know you pay attention.

An easy way to think about gift baskets is whether they have fruit or not .

Fruit baskets are nutritious options that use the bold color of natural ingredients to brighten someone’s day. You can pick custom fruits depending on the particular basket, or let us do all of the work for you. Your client will know that you care about their health and their personal preferences. If you want to show some extra thought for the health conscious, you can send an organic fruit basket (it's the wine and fruit one shown below)

Fresh Fruit Gift BoxFruit and Snack Gourmet BasketDried Fruit and Nut Flower Gift TrayOrganic Fruit Basket

Non-fruit Corporate Gift Baskets contain all sorts of luxury goodies, including but not limited to cheese, wine, chocolate, organic foods, and more. The possibilities for gift baskets are endless. But we recommend getting a basket with a variety of items, as opposed to just a cheese basket as you client may be tempted to share with coworkers or family members.

We find that wine gifts go well with executives and chocolates with ladies (surprise, surprise).  Organic gifts for clients in big cities, especially California and New York.

best corporate gifts coffee gift basket ideas best corporate gift ideaschristmas gift baskets


Wine gifts are perfect for the office sommelier or the employees who double as parents. With busy schedules and little self-care time, who wouldn’t love a bottle of wine to sit down with on a chilly evening? Sophisticated and classy, wine provides the ideal way to “wine-down.” A chance to have a glass at work after hours with colleagues or to indulge solo at home, this options is a definitive “yes, please.”

Wine Gift Baskets


Meat & Cheese Gifts

meat and cheese corporate gift ideas

We've found over time these can be very well recieved with our trucking, industrial and manufacturing/logistics clients.  Basically, if your client is in the middle of the country, they're more likely to truly appreciate one of these.  You can get cheese-only, meat-only or a combination.  Some love to go to town and add nuts and dried fruit as well! We recommend not to do that, and stick with a particular theme.


3. A visit with a personal trainer is a wonderful way to thank them

corporate client gift ideas

Clients and employees who are trying to better themselves in the health and fitness department might enjoy a visit with a personal trainer or even a gym membership. This is a particularly great holiday gift because so many tend to overindulge during the holidays, and we often resolve to get healthier when the New Year rolls around.

Before giving this type of gift, however, be sure it's something the recipient will appreciate. You will definitely need to know enough about this person to know that they will enjoy such a gift. After all, some people might take offense at being gifted a gym membership or a visit with a personal trainer!

4. Online service memberships are unique gifting opportunities

corporate holiday gift ideas

Evernote, Trello, and Asana are a few examples of online services that make unique gift ideas for clients and employees. These are applications that help with organization and project management. Who doesn't need a little more organization in their lives? Plus, this is the gift that gives you. When an employee is more organized, they can be more productive and will make your business more profitable. What's not to love about something that will help your business efforts?

An online membership is a great corporate gifting idea for almost anyone. Not sold on this idea? Continue reading for more great corporate gift ideas for employees and clients!

5. Shopping club memberships make great thank-you gifts

Corporate thank you gift ideas

There are also online shopping clubs and memberships to shopping sites that make great gifts. However, if you don't think your gift recipient would be interested in an online membership, perhaps they would rather enjoy a membership to a brick-and-mortar shopping club. Shopping clubs are a great way to get discounted or bulk items, but the membership fees can be a slight drawback for many. However, if someone is gifted a shopping club membership, they will likely be grateful for the chance to try out Costco, Sam's Club, or whichever store is located in their area.

Think your gift recipient would enjoy a membership or subscription, but maybe not one that they have to pay money to use? Keep reading for another awesome subscription ideas.

6. Book club subscriptions make great gifts for book-lovers

Unique corporate holiday gift ideas

Is your client or employee an avid reader? Then a book club subscription might be the perfect gift for them! Book of the month clubs, or even a gift card to a bookstore (or perhaps a collection of books you know that person would enjoy), make a wonderful corporate gifting idea for someone who is a bookworm. Consider giving this gift along with something more tangible, such as gourmet coffee or tea, a bottle of wine, a cozy blanket, or something they can enjoy while reading.

What other types of subscriptions can you gift your client or employee to thank them for working with you?

7. Gift box subscriptions are awesome gifts for anyone

best corporate holiday gifts

A subscription to a monthly or quarterly gift box is the corporate gifting idea that keeps on giving. Better yet, in today's world, there is a gift box subscription for every type of person you can think of: pet lovers, fashionistas, foodies, beauty gurus, and on and on.  Pro Tip: hunt through youtube to see what's in any of them so you get a better sense of what's inside.

Knowing your gift recipient is the key to knowing which type of gift box subscription to order. This shouldn't be a problem, since you likely know this person well enough to want to thank them with a nice gift. If not, simply ask about their hobbies and personal interests -- people love to talk about themselves, so you are sure to get a few clues this way.

8. Sports training sessions are a unique corporate gift idea for fanatics

Creative corporate holiday gift idea

Back to the sports fanatic; if you know that your client or employee loves sports, and actually wants to become better at a particular sport, a sports training session might be a great corporate gifting idea.

Do you think this person would enjoy some personal training with a professional? If so, this is a unique way to show this person that you appreciate them. This type of gift tells them you took the time to consider their interests which, in turn, will motivate them to continue working with you (if it's a client) or for you (if the gift is for an employee).

9. Gift Towers

corporate holiday gift box ideas

There are lots of ideas for corporate gifts, but the most decadent way to impress clients is to send them a towering set of boxes full of snacks, sweets and other treats. These are great gifts for sending to client groups that you’ve worked with all year. If you send it to one person, hopefully that person will spread it around

Sweet Gift Towers

Chocolate tower holiday corporate gift

When it comes to sweets, most clients appreciate chocolates that can be passed around and eaten over the course of multiple days (even though they usually get eaten up in a day!) You can choose from chocolate covered raisins to just delicious chocolates by the pound.

There are also chocolates you can have specially made with your logo.  Check out some of our favorite personalized gifts later on in this post.  (These are extremely personal and convey a sense of custom class.) Brownies also make a great addition to sweets towers. For employees who favor baked goods over candy, they’re the perfect touch.

Snack Gift towers

Snack boxes for holiday corporate gifts

Snack towers tend to have much more variety. Nuts are a healthy and well received option. Ranging from cashews to peanuts to chocolate covered pretzels, there will be something for everyone. This is a great gift to consider if you want to balance healthy and decadent, since there might be employees with different dietary restrictions in the office.

10. Tickets to a sporting event make great personalized gifts

2018 corporate gift guide

Do you happen to know that the person receiving your gift is a sports fanatic? Tickets to a sporting event make a great corporate gifting idea for this type of person. Even better, gear the sporting event toward one of their favorite sports. After all, someone who loves baseball may not necessarily enjoy tickets to a golf tournament!

Tickets to a sporting event make great gifts for clients and employees, especially if you know them well enough to know their taste in sports. This gift will truly help to show them your appreciation for working with you. However, if you know they don't enjoy sports at all, there are many other gift ideas to consider.

11. Corporate Gifts Ideas for Executives

Custom corporate holiday gift ideas

For executives, Personalized gifts send a signal: You are an important person to us.

Decanters, food, unique kitchenware, outdoor gifts, and barware are simply a few of the options available to “wow” your clientele. These tokens not only demonstrate effort and care on your part, but illustrate the effort and service you are willing to provide to each and every person you serve.

Personalized gifting is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your organization’s values, and they will not go unrecognized. Here are some of our favorites

Decanters are perfect for someone who has let you in on their drink preference through meetings, business functions, or a personal dinner. These gifts inspire an elegance and sophistication that will scream professionalism with added class. Receiving a decanter creates a feeling of luxury and respect.

corporate gifts for executives

A personalized desk item can also be a great item for an executive to consider putting on his desk. These have ebbed and flowed over the years since so many executives are on the go and not in front of their desk. We present it to you because we think it might be a decent alternative that is professional and includes their name.

personalized gifts for executives


corporate gift ideas statistics

12. Sweet Corporate Gift Ideas

Corporate food gifts are worthy of their own post, so we sampled 100 and wanted to give you the gifts that get the most positive feedback year after year.

Cookies are perfect for everyone; they come in all shapes, sizes and flavors. Sugar, chocolate chip, oatmeal and beyond, the varieties and combinations continue forever. Customization with your own logo is an option so clients will know exactly who cares so much about them. corporate cookie gifts

Gift Boxed Custom Chocolate Assortment (19 Pieces)

Customized chocolates cater to just as many people as specialty cookies. Chocolates are also among the best gifts for clients; they deliver a decadent taste of class, all wrapped up with a bow. Milk and dark chocolate come in a variety of presentations, perfect for any client, regardless of preference. Take the opportunity to wow your clients (and perhaps to ruin their dinner) by selecting the perfect mélange today.


Jim & Jack's Grillin' Gift Basket

Gourmet food  sweets, snacks, and even kosher foods, your gift will shine with a personal touch and the sheen of luxury. Packaged in baskets with the perfect compliments, all the hard work is eliminated. Gourmet food serves especially well as client gifts for real estate; who doesn’t love a little basket as a housewarming present?


NewGC 5693 lg The Ultimate Corporate Gift Ideas Guide   2018 Edition

Cheese and charcuterie gifts Wisconsin cheese, honey ham, and specialty sausage are just a few of the delicious options available. Take advantage of the opportunity to pair your cheese and charcuterie with some fruit to keep clients coming back for more all week (or maybe just day) long. They’re that good!


cookie gift boxes


Cookie gifts are not only business gifts, they add a touch of whimsy to someone’s day. Logo cookies, message cookies, and special novelty containers not only provide sweet treats, but a reminder that your clients are your priority. A mini sugar rush becomes a reassuring moment. Whether you get personalized cookies is really a matter of personal choice. If you're a large brand, we usually recommend you use your logo.  If you don't have a brand you're trying to grow, such as a staffing company, we recommend not getting branded cookies, but instead gift boxes full of cookies.

Here's what one customer said about food gifts:

"I LOVE LOVE LOVED sending a food gift to my new clients last year.  They really appreciated sharing the food around the office and they actually talked about it two months later. I think it established a lot of goodwill between us and helped kick things off for a tough negotiation" - Stephanie, Triad Worldwide Shipping & Logistics

Corporate gift ideas with logo

If you're trying to establish a relationship with a client, or stay top of mind, sending a corporate logo gift helps your company stand out from the rest.  There are many ways to include your logo. The most basic way is to get your logo imprinted on a ribbon or as part of the packaging. Usually this is exceptionally cost effective and we recommend this as the easiest way to send a personal message.

Cutting Boards: One of our favorite luxury ways to include your logo is to get it imprinted on a cutting board.  They'll be looking at your logo all year long! We find that employees are super jealous when they see this is what clients are getting for Christmas and want one for themselves. We end up having to place a second order for all the employees that want one with their own company's logo.

corporate food gifts with logo

Logo Chocolates: Another option is to include your logo on a piece of chocolate! Yes, it's one of the easiest things to create a logo for because chocolate is so malleable. (PS This is usually cheaper than you would think!)

Custom Corporate Logo Chocolate Gifts


13. Practical Corporate Gift Ideas

Physical gifts including bags, totes, outdoor gifts, and barware, are great for a longer lasting alternative to food. Your clients and employees will boast your appreciation long after the holidays when they see, wear, or utilize your carefully selected tokens. Employee gifts never looked this good.

Practical Corporate Gift Ideas

Bags and totes are available for everyone!

Styles including duffel bags, wine coolers, standard coolers, toiletry bags, and sport bags are another wonderful opportunity to acknowledge your clients’ interests outside of work. Understanding that you care about them both in and out of work is sure to make their day and to solidify mutual respect. Once again, monogramming and customization take your care and concern to the next level.

Outdoor gifts include totes, cooler bags, chairs, and more supplies for adventurous outings and parties. Giving clients a reason to blow off some steam outside the office is a great way to foster recreation and healthy outlets. You might even extend an invite to an outdoor function with your outdoor gift!

newCCW 1115 4 lg 2 The Ultimate Corporate Gift Ideas Guide   2018 Edition

Barware Gifts

Barware gifts are the ideal balance between professional and personal. Sophistication is unmistakable in a flask, a set of personalized rocks glasses, or a monogrammed decanter. The Rocks glasses shown above are an absolute classic and feature a weighted bottom for added comfort. Beyond the sleek design, personalization is absolutely free.

NewCCW 1193 lg 1 The Ultimate Corporate Gift Ideas Guide   2018 Edition

Another classy gift to consider to an extra special client, especially one for a CEO or other executive of a company, is a personalized decanter that is essential to any home bar. This staple will store your client’s favorite liquor with unmistakable class, and will inspire positive thoughts of you all year long.  You could easily imagine them placing that on their shelf within their office, or it being a signature piece at home.  Either way, a very very impressive gift with a personal touch.

14. DIY Corporate Gift Ideas

DIY corporate holiday gifts

Creating your own unique gift bag that represents your company is an amazing way to pull together a lot of little treats that represent the best of your company.  While mostly done for employee gifts, we've found a few companies giving these to their clients in the past couple of years, especially if the gifts in the bag are relatively expensive. We have a few ideas to contribute to your bag that you might want to consider.

First, consider the bag you'll put together. Getting a Branded Tote is probably the best first step.

Second, think about what items you want.  We recommend getting something branded or with your logo in order for the recipient to avoid feeling like their getting the results of a quick trip to the local grocery store or Costco. Click on any of the pictures below to see similar items

We covered a lot of ground!  Did it help you in your search for the perfect gift? Did we miss something, or do you have some better ideas to share? Please be sure to comment with your thoughts and ideas, and check out our site for hundreds more ideas!

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  1. Hi Mimi. We do have some great clothing ideas. You could consider the traditional t-shirts and fleeces of course. But one of our favorite unique things to get is actually a scarf with your company logo on it (esp for the winter). If you're in a warmer climate, of course that won't work. So you can go for fun warm weather ideas like hats (especially sun hats)

  2. I’ve found that sweets such as chocolates and cookies are usually can’t-miss around the holidays, whether it’s for one person or a group. While you might think health-minded clients might not indulge, that’s usually not the case around the holidays as people allow themselves a splurge, knowing they’ll work the extra pounds off during the New Year.

  3. What are some good food ideas when you have an office with people who have a mixture of eating lifestyles? For example, what would you suggest for an office with staff who comprise vegans and meat-eaters? I’m thinking something besides fruit baskets as sweets are often good until you add dairy to the equation.

  4. This is a good list because it includes a variety of food items and some thoughtful personalized items. What are your thoughts on things such as sports tickets, movie tickets, and similar entertainment items?

  5. There are many ideas I never would have thought of. I like the idea of a wine basket. Naturally, you have to know your client (such as if they don’t drink), but it’s a classy way to show you appreciate their business. This list is good but I was wondering, are there any items you’d recommend AGAINST giving? Are there some gifts that you think are tacky or seem like there’s no thought being put into them?

  6. Personal items like tote bags and gym bags are a good idea. If you’re skeptical, just go to the gym or any airport and see the number of people who have bags with corporate logos on them. People like things to carry their “stuff” in, particularly when it’s attractive looking. Do you recommend getting premium quality personal items? For example, would it be worth the extra cost to get a gym bag with an extra feature like a pouch for footwear?

  7. For me, the best gifts are something I can use. It can be a short-term use like a delicious food assortment or something long-term like a cutting board (good idea by the way). I even like gifts like pen sets if they are quality items.

  8. That's a great corporate gift idea. It feels like it's a higher quality item that you've put some thought into for your employees or clients.

  9. Glad you asked. The following are probably bad client gifts: Meat (vegetarians!), Clothing (probably won't fit), and Tchotokes. You know what those are. Make the effort and spend the $20-$75 to make employees or clients feel like they got a great gift and that you mean something to them.

  10. Those are great gifts, but let me add a twist to them. If it's something you can go with them to, it'll help establish a relationship during the event, especially sports tickets. Movie tickets are nice, but you've got to buy at lest 5-6 of them so that it feels like a substantial gift.

  11. When it comes to corporate gift ideas, I prefer things I can use like food, movie tickets, and gift card. Sports tickets can be a great idea, but only if you know your client likes the sports team. I wouldn’t buy a block of tickets and deal them out without making sure people like them. For example, if your town/city has a hockey club and a football team, there’s no guarantee a client will like either one, even if they’re a sports fan (they may like baseball and/or basketball).

  12. Scrolling through, I see some more traditional gifts (which are usually can’t miss items like cookie baskets or tickets), but I’m interested in some business gift ideas that are off the beaten path. One that sticks out is the gift box subscription. I’m familiar with these because I’ve ordered them for my nephews, things like comic book gift boxes and Star Wars-themed gift boxes. I didn’t know there were ones for adults that appeal to the things you mention like pet lovers, foodies, etc.

  13. The book club membership (or bookstore gift card) coupled with some gourmet coffee sounds delightful. Matt, what are your thoughts about seeing if office workers might be interested in a book club and sponsoring it by gifting them with gift cards or book club memberships? Is this too personalized of a business gift in your opinion?

  14. My opinion is that you need to put thought into your corporate gift-giving. This compilation of business gifts and corporate gift ideas is a well-balanced assortment of ideas, but I would suggest it’s only a starting point. Use your imagination and put some time into figuring out what the gift recipient truly desires.

  15. One or more personal trainer sessions is a great idea for the fitness-minded client. Corporate gift ideas are sometimes generic and it’s good to think outside the box, especially if you’re crafting a gift for individual clients. I know I’d feel more special if I received a gift that meant someone put some thought into it. One thing about personal trainer sessions, make sure the trainer knows this is a gift and not an opportunity to bug the recipient about signing up for more personal training sessions. Those trainers can get obnoxious.

  16. Remarkably diverse list of business gifts and corporate gifts here. Matt, I have two questions about the personal trainer session gifts and sports training session gifts. First, how do you evaluate a potential provider of personal trainer and/or sports training sessions? Second, I know personal trainers have been around for some time, but this is the first I’ve heard of sports trainers (besides ones for sports teams). Are they hard to find in smaller cities?

  17. Thanks! The group approach has been a hit for a lot of our customers. It's a unique business gift that kills multiple birds with one stone.

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