Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

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Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

Great Ideas For Holiday Business Gifts!

The holidays are a great time to thank your business clients, hard-working employees, and colleagues for the referrals over the past year. The options for corporate holiday gifts are endless, but in this post, I've put together my top 10 favorites.

Remember the best gifts are always the ones that are specifically tailored to your recipient's interests. And for the people that you don't know very well, I would suggest going with a charitable gift or gourmet food because everyone eats.


My #1 Favorite - Charitable Holiday Gifts

Whether you focus on stopping Malaria in an African Village, feeding the hungry in the U.S. or educating children, giving charitable gifts in someone's name is a terrific idea. One of the best gifts I ever received was a gift card from

Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

I loved it because I got to choose a project to donate the money to so it gave me some input. If you give over $100 to a project or close the project out, you receive a special thank you from the students/teacher and a packet of information with photos about the project. I loved reading all those hand-written thank you notes from kids that truly appreciated the money that was donated. If you'd like to buy gift cards, just click here.


Personalized Desk Accessories

Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

For the executive types on your corporate gift list, consider giving desk accessories that are engraved with their initials or monogram. Items such as engraved pens, desk clocks and leather trays will look fabulous in his or her office. Other unique ideas might include a personalized cigar humidor customized with his name (only if you are certain that he smokes cigars), an indoor golf putting green, or an embroidered duffel bag if he or she is an fitness enthusiast.

When selecting executive gifts, it is important to know their hobbies and interests so if you don't know these things, just be sneaky and contact their assistant or secretary for some insight and ideas. And don't forget to send a little thank you gift to their administrative assistant that helped you out (or your own) on Secretary's Day!


Edible Meat & Cheese Gifts

Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

As a woman, I am always amazed at just how well-received meat and cheese gifts are by the men in the office. I think in most cases, women would prefer a chocolate holiday gift any day of the week. That said if you are sending holiday gifts to men, consider sending fire-branded business logo cutting boards along with cheese and sausages or a gift basket that features meat and cheese as well as a few other snack items.

This is definitely a gift they'll enjoy nibbling on during the holiday season. One tip - be sure to send REAL cheese gifts that will require refrigeration. The fake processed cheeses that don't require cool temps just don't taste as good in my opinion.


Business Gift Books

 Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

Custom Chocolate Gifts

Belgian Chocolate Holiday GiftA chocolate bar or gift box of assorted boxes that features your company logo or well wishes etched into the chocolate itself is a crowd pleaser. The recipient will be impressed with your creativity and the unique nature of a delectable Belgian chocolate gift. Many online companies sell business logo chocolates such as the etched giant 2 lb chocolate bar shown in the photo and various assortments ranging from just 4 pieces to 45 pieces.

The only thing to keep in mind is that you need some forethought to pull this gift off. For Christmas delivery, you normally need to submit the artwork by the end of November and because of the intricate nature of most designs, an etching plate must be manufactured which means that their will be a minimum order requirement. It sounds like a lot of work, but it is all worth it in the end!


Personalized Glassware

Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

If you want a great holiday gift that they can use for years to come, consider personalized glassware. Many online companies sell glassware such as red wine glasses, white wine glasses, martini glasses, beer pilsners, glass ice buckets and more that are etched with the recipient's initial or monogram.

This is a great choice for those recipient's that are wine enthusiasts. Ship the glasses to yourself and then hand deliver them with a nice bottle of wine and handwritten card for the ultimate gift.


Custom Imprinted Snack Filled Gift Box

Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

When you want to incorporate your logo on a corporate holiday gift, I suggest doing it in a subtle way. Don't print every single item in the basket or gift box with your business logo - it is tacky. Corporate logo gift boxes and gourmet towers filled with delicious snacks are sure to be a hit with employees and clients.

Many companies offer foil-imprinted gift boxes or towers with custom ribbon imprinted with your logo or holiday message.


Embroidered Custom Insulated Coolers

Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

If your recipient is a beach goer or beer drinker, an insulated cooler is a great gift selection. Choose from 6 pack coolers, party sized beverage tubs or lunch coolers that are embroidered or stamped with either their name or your logo. They'll love using this gift again and again!

A twist on the beverage cooler are personalized tote bags, laptop bags or toiletry kits for the recipient that is always on the road. Again, these items can be embroidered with the recipient's name, monogram or initials.


Engraved Cuff Links or Pocket Watches

Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

Another great idea for the executives on your holiday gift list. Engraved jewelry such as pocket watches or silver plated cuff links are a terrific choice. Another item to consider for executives is a personalized money clip. Often, these items can be engraved or foil stamped with his name, initials or monogram.

One tip - for engraved items, be sure to order a few weeks in advance to make sure that the gifts can be delivered before Christmas.


Logo Cookie Gifts

Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

In my house Christmas meant cookies, but these days it seems that not everyone has time to make batch after batch of homemade cookies so why not send a gift that fills in the void. Fresh-baked gourmet cookies presented in boxes, gift baskets, and tins are a sweet way to send your happy holiday wishes. Some companies will even include cookies that are printed with your logo in edible ink.

If your Christmas cookie gift will include customization like logos or custom icing colors, be sure to order several weeks in advance.


Some Corporate Holiday Card Humor...

Corporate Gift Basket

Gift baskets customized with your corporate logo either on a few of the products, on the ribbon, or on the container are a fantastic selection especially for office groups. Some corporate Christmas gift baskets like the one shown in the photo have a place where you can easily slip in your business card. No matter what sort of customization you choose, be sure to carefully consider the contents of the basket making sure that the items are all ready-to-eat snacks.

A package of cake that needs to be baked or pasta that needs to be boiled aren't good choices for offices (although they may work great for individuals). The great thing about gourmet food gifts is that everyone can join in the holiday festivities by sharing with one another and you know it is one gift that won't be returned!

Corporate Logo Gift Basket

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