Create A Fun Finals Week Care Package For Your College Student

Create A Fun Finals Week Care Package For Your College Student

Create A Fun Finals Week Care Package For Your College StudentAway from Home 101 Care Pack from All About Gifts & Baskets

Create A Fun Finals Week Care Package For Your College Student

Surprise Your Study-Bug

Finals week can be stressful; your student has papers due, tests to take, sleep to miss. It's hectic, but it can also be fun. A lot of colleges in the country have finals week specials, like pizza night or make-your-own-sundae night.

You can help take a little bit of the stress out of exams - but not so much that they aren't on their toes - by creating great college care packages for your college student. While college students like to think they're all grown-up, independent beings, I can guarantee that every single one would be thrilled with a little treat from home.

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The Basic Essentials

Ice Cream Sundae BasketThere are basic staples that tend to make their way into finals week care packages: cookies, candy, hot cocoa, tea, coffee, Easy Mac, and other quick, easy foods.

Some get creative and put together a snack gift basket like this ice cream sundae basket you see here. You can't go wrong with comfort foods, right?

What else can you put into your package to create a piece of home for your college student? Keep on reading to find out!

Send Fresh Fruit

Yes, really, fruit. Nutrition is more important now than ever, especially as many college students live on cafeteria food, Ramen, and vending machine snacks. You can either pack and ship your own fruit or get a service like to deliver fresh conventional or organic fruits.

A basket typically costs less than a traditional, pre-made care package. If you want to assemble your own fruit gift baskets but don't want to risk sending bruised fruit, try dried fruit instead. These satisfy sweet cravings while boosting energy.


Sample Care Package - For Boys!

Create A Fun Finals Week Care Package For Your College Student
Image by petrr on Flickr

Snack Item Ideas

Snack Care Package

Want to include snack items that they will enjoy? Some suggestions for that might include:

  • Natural peanut butter and a box of graham crackers. It's healthy, but filling at the same time.
  • Beef jerky. This gives protein on the go!
  • Vitamin C drops. If you're sending this package in the winter, it's a good idea to load it with things like EmergenC, oranges, lip balm, and maybe a can or two of chicken noodle soup.
  • Instant popcorn. Buy a bag of popcorn kernels, which is probably one of the cheapest snacks you can find, and send a stack of brown lunch bags. Write instructions, which say, "Put ¼ cup of kernels into a paper bag. Fold the top over a few times. Pop it in the microwave for 1-½ to 2 minutes. You can also add a packet of seasonings, like parmesan cheese or honey-crunch wheat germ for homemade gourmet popcorn. Much, much, much healthier than typical pre-made microwave popcorn, this snack still satisfies crunchy cravings.

Fun Filler Items

Boredom Buster Care Package

To give a couple things that aren't edible is always a nice notion. Some fun filler items include:

  • Gift card to a local restaurant; Subway is a good choice because there are franchises all over the place. Your student can get a fast meal and get back to the books.
  • iTunes card. Many people can concentrate more effectively when listening to music; others just need to relax. In either case, a music download gift card is the perfect idea.
  • Something to do with their hands and relax their minds. This could be a can of silly putty or play-dough. Something they can mindlessly do to work off some nervous energy. College students are still kids in a lot of ways, and things like this work well. What about a mini-slinky, bubbles, coloring books and crayons, or window crayons. Everyone loves window crayons.
  • A travel mug with tea-bag style coffee packets.
  • Energizing shampoo or body wash.
  • A note or card. Even if you just say, "Good luck!" it will be much appreciated.

Sending Boxes Abroad - Love his humor!

Why Care Packages?

College students are never too old or too big to be thrilled with a care package from home, especially when it's stressful finals week.

Surprise your student with a great basket filled with an assortment of goodies. Unlike their tests, there is no wrong answer when it comes to these packages!

Use their hobbies, what they enjoy, and what they're maybe missing from home. You're bound to light up their day!

Care Package

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