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Creating a Candy Bar Card

Published October 10, 2015        by Nicole

Pile of Candy Bars

Many people have never heard of the candy bar card idea, but it’s a cute one you might want to try for your next occasion. Say you have a friend with a special birthday coming up. You can create a giant sized card that includes real wrapped candy bars. People really enjoy receiving these unique candy gifts! The big idea is to write a message that includes the names of the candy bar. It’s a challenge. Are you up for it?

Start off with some poster board. The kind that has the foam on the back will work best as candy tends to get heavy once you glue it on. It will be easier and sturdier to transport this way. Use a festive color that will match with your theme.

Next, pick out a bunch of candies with fun names. You might choose Mounds, Nerds, Mars, etc. Get a whole bunch so you have lots to choose from. The idea is to create a message that will include the candy bar name in it. So, for instance, you might write, “I discovered I loved you Mounds more than the other boys on the playground when we first met.” It’s corny, but the whole idea comes out looking really festive and fun. The wackier the better. Try using Baby Ruth or Almond Joy in a sentence!

Once you have your candies in mind, begin composing a message. It can be a poem, a limerick, or just a paragraph. You can either type it out in large font on a computer or hand-write it onto your poster board. It’s easier to use a computer if you want to enlarge the words. But if you like your handwriting, that works well, too.

Candy Bar Card from Repeat Crafter Me

Start spacing out the words on the board. Make sure you leave a big space for where you’ll glue on the candy bar. So, for instance, in the example above, you’d write or type out, “I discovered I loved you (and then leave a big space to glue in the Mounds bar) more than the other boys on the playground.” Insert the candy in the space by gluing it. You might try glue dots, which you can find in a craft store. The beauty of these dots is that they don’t rip the paper off the back of the candy and they won’t seep through to ruin the chocolate.

When you’ve got your whole poem written or typed out and stuck on the board, make sure all your candy is secure in place. See if you like the design. It’s always a good idea to do a test placement first to see if it all will fit. You might write the message in pencil on the board or cut out strips of printed paper from your computer.

Decorate or embellish as you like. Use glitter around the edges or photos or just doodle to liven it up. You can present your card at the party and it will be the highlight of the night. People will love coming over and reading the funny message and seeing what the card is all about. Many will marvel that they’ve never seen a candy bar card before. You may start a new trend among family and friends! No one would expect to get one of these cards for their birthday gift!

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