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Creative and Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas

Published November 13, 2015        by Matt

Creative and Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas

Creative and Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas

Get Crazy, Have Fun

What's more fun than making a fool out of yourself at a baby shower? Baby shower games are designed to get everyone up, involved, and having fun. The sillier the games, the better!

No one expects to maintain their decorum when baby shower games start. So have a little fun, and get a little crazy with these baby shower games and show your guests a great time!

Image by Pedro Rivas Ugaz on Flickr

Baby Charades

Act it out

Creative and Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas

Start with a good game of baby charades. Make a set of cards ahead of time with baby-themed things to act out. You could write drinking a bottle, diapering a baby, giving birth, etc. on cards.

Image by jaybergesen on Flickr

Divide the group into two teams and have them battle it out. Another fun version is to provide paper and have the contestant draw her item instead of acting it out. Get easel paper so everyone can see what's being drawn.

Baby Bottle Chug

Throw a few back!

This game will get rave reviews and the room will erupt in laughter. Fill baby bottles, one for each guest, with a liquid of choice. You can use milk, soda, water, juice or anything you like.

Give each guest a bottle. On the count of three every guest has to chug her entire bottle of liquid. The mom to be gets to be the judge. The first to finish every drop wins. Plus, the bottles won't go to waste. You can sanitize them and send them home with the mom to be as baby gifts.

Baby Bottle Chugging - In Action

Creative and Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas

The Price is Right

Come on down!

Set up this guessing game by purchasing various baby items like a tub of wipes, ointment, a pack of pacifiers, a box of diapers, etc.

Image by nan palmero on Flickr

The host will save the receipts so she can show what each one cost. Pass out paper with each item listed and a pen. Ask each guest to guess how much each item cost. The one closest to the actual price wins. You can then give all the items to the mom to be.

Creative and Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas

What's This For?

Give your best guess

In this game, guests are given one object that babies might use or have received as newborn gifts, the guest is then asked to come up with twenty ways to use it.

Image by planet_oleary on Flickr

Give out pencil and paper and have each guest write their twenty ideas down. Use objects like a breast pump, a thermometer, a nose syringe, tiny fingernail clippers, etc. The funnier or more obscure the object the better. Make sure you have the suggestions read aloud so everyone can get a laugh.

Creative and Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas

Feed the Baby

Om nom nom

This game is absolutely silly and will probably be the hit of the shower. Choose partners. The goal is for one partner to feed their partner a jar of baby food before the other team does.

Image by dickuhne on Flickr

Think about what you could fill the baby food jar with as most people can't stomach baby food. You could use apple sauce or cottage cheese or peas.

Make sure you give each pair of guests a bib and a baby spoon. It's not for the faint of heart, but it will surely bring the house down with laughter.

Feed Your Baby - See it in action

It gets most interesting around 3:40...

Creative and Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas

Cotton Ball Scoop

Scoop away

This game is really funny. First, blindfold a contestant and then spin them around. Have one bucket with cotton balls and next to it an empty bucket arranged in front of them or you can add a challenge and have them place the bucket on their head, or use a plate as this is easier to hold above your head.

Image by Liz ( on Flickr

Hand them a scoop. Tell them they are not allowed to feel what's in the bucket. As they try to scoop the cotton balls, the laughter will build.

They're so light, they are hard to feel, so she'll think she's scooping air.

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