Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Pick and Choose

There's nothing more cheerful than a baby shower. It's a happy occasion that everyone's delighted to celebrate. So when the baby shower arrives you want to show up with a baby gift that's going to be both useful and adorable. What should you choose? Here are some ideas.

There's a lot out there!

What does she need?

New moms are usually overwhelmed with the amount of preparation that goes into planning for a new baby. So you want to show up with a present that will make her life easier.

Many new moms will register and you can easily choose something off her registry, but if the mom in your life did not register or if you'd rather choose something on your own, there's an enormous selection to choose from. Step into any baby store and you may be shocked at the amount of gear and baby baskets that are available for the modern baby. Some are cute amusements and some are necessities. Here are some of the most common things a new mom will need!

Car Seat

Safety First

A car seat that converts from infant to toddler. Most infant car seats have this capability. But check with the store clerk if you're not sure. This is one item that you want purchase in the very best quality, brand new, with all the latest safety features. Ask ahead of time if she's already got one. And often, with two or more cars in the family, she may need another one.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas - Creative & Fun!


Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas

The Essentials

A stroller that's sturdy. A jogging stroller makes the ideal present both for a city and a country mom as they are rugged and the wheels move easily across all kinds of terrain.

Image by Joe Shlabotnik on Flickr

If a jogging stroller doesn't seem to fit the new mom's lifestyle, then a walking stroller for malls or travel makes a good gift instead.

And, the easier it is to fold up and transport, the better.

A Crib

Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Comfy Cozy

Most moms either have their heart set on a specific crib or have been handed down a crib already. Check with those closes to the guest of honor before buying this important piece of furniture.

Image by jencu on Flickr

If you do end up shopping for a crib, there are wonderful convertible cribs that go from crib to toddler bed to daybed to twin bed. So it's a purchase that baby will have until college!

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Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Diaper Bag

That's hip & modern, of course

A hip diaper bag. Moms are no longer lugging bulky bags with pink and blue teddy bears printed all over them. Now, there are diaper bags that rival the chicest handbags. It's often hard to even identify it as a diaper bag it's so gorgeous.

Image by

Shop online or in specialty stores that are likely to carry a wide array of trendy bags. Then, fill it with all sorts of pampering products for baby and mom like sweet smelling baby wash and cozy slippers for mom at the hospital.

Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas
Image by Keith Williamson on Flickr


Cloth or Disposable

While they aren't the most adorable gifts that will be on the table, you will be thanked profusely for your gift. New moms go through about eight diapers a day. And diapers get expensive.

First, find out if she's going to use cloth or disposable diapers. Then, provide her with not only a package of newborn diapers, but also the next size up. Babies grow so quickly that newborn diapers are only used for a very short span of time. The next biggest size is a good idea. And get plenty of them.

There is a way to give diapers in a cute way. You can now buy "diaper cakes". These charming little cakes are actually composed of rolled up diapers and secured with ribbon. The result is a multi-tiered cake that's actually made entirely of diapers.

Nursery Decor

Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Fit their theme

Ask in advance what the nursery decor is. If she's going with a zoo animals theme, buy items that coordinate. You can buy books about zoo animals to help start baby's first library or a giant stuffed zebra for baby to cherish as she grows up. Get creative.

Image by 4Neus on Flickr

Avoid buying anything that can't be returned. Often, moms receive lots of duplicates. While she may want to keep four Diaper Genies, she's going to have to return a few of them. Always give a gift receipt (that doesn't show the price) along with your gift. You can attach it to the box or place it inside a card, whichever you want.

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