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Creative Do It Yourself Baby Shower Favors

Published June 27, 2007        by Kim

When you are on a tight budget, the cost of baby shower favors can sometimes put you over the top so consider some of these fantastic do-it-yourself favors. They are both clever and affordable.

Cinnamon Rolls - Bake cinnamon rolls either from a can or made from scratch. Then add a tag reading ‘Thanks from (Mother's name)'s bun in the oven'.

Tea or Coffee - Buy packets of tea or coffee and punch a hole where you can hang a tag reading ‘A Baby is Brewing - Thanks For Being A Part of The Party'.

Jelly Beans - Buy pink and blue jelly beans and fill plastic bottles or small glass jars from your local craft store. Then add a tag reading ‘(Mom's name)'s Baby Shower' along with the shower date.

Homemade Cookies - Buy a cookie cutter and make gourmet cookies to give your guests as favors. For example, duck shaped cookies for a duck themed shower.

Small Shaped Soaps - Available in numerous shapes, small soaps make excellent baby shower favors. Just choose a shape to coordinate with your theme. Attach a personalized tag with the baby shower information like Mom's name and date.

Small Potted Plant - Buy small pots of African violets, ivy or other houseplants and hang a tag with the shower details. Blooming flowers are perfect for an April Showers bring baby flowers themed shower.

Candles - Buy shaped candles to fit your theme or pink or blue votive candles that you wrap in cellophane. Add a tag with the baby shower information.

Photo Frames - Small 2" x 3" photo frames can be purchased and placed in pink or blue organza bags. Just add a hang tag with shower details for an elegant favor.

Edible Candy Bags - Buy Jordan almonds, Hershey kisses or M&M's along with pink or blue organza bags to hold the candy.

Candy Bar Favors - You can either print your own candy bar wrappers or buy them pre-printed online. Buy your favorite candy bars at a local shop and wrap them up for a great favor.