Creative Gender Reveal Ideas

Image by Ollie Crafoord on FlickrGender reveal parties and events are getting more popular all of the time. While just a few decades ago you couldn’t even learn the sex of your baby until he or she was born, these days it’s quite common to learn what you’re having and find a great way to tell friends and family members. From simple web videos that you link to your Facebook wall to lavish parties where everyone finds out at the same time, gender reveal ideas are all over the map these days.

There are two basic ways to handle the gender reveal. You can simply surprise your guests with the information during a gender reveal party or an online video or you can be surprised too. Here are a few ideas to create the perfect gender reveal experience.

Ideas for Your Guests

If the two of you will already know the sex of your baby, there are lots of fun ways to reveal it to your guests. There are many companies that will make customized labels for soda or candy. You can simply have custom labels made that say “It’s a Boy” (you can find these with other boy baby shower supplies) or something like “Christopher is on his way.” During the party, hand the sodas out to guests at the same time. You could also do the same thing with customized candy labels from a company like Hershey’s or customized M ‘n M’s. Search for  girl baby shower supplies to find these items in pink to surprise your audience. As guests get ready to depart, offer each of them a party bag filled with goodies. Inside could be your customized candy choice so they’ll know before they leave.

Ideas for All of You

Interested in participating in the fun? It takes a bit of extra work and a good friend, but it will be an exciting event for all of you. The key, first, is to have a friend find out what you’re having. Take her to the sonogram, then have the sonogram technician write the sex of the baby on a sheet of paper. It can then be sealed in an envelope so no one is tempted to peek. From there, your friend can do a number of things with the information. She could bake cupcakes with pink or blue filling inside for all of your guests. When you bite into the cupcake, you’ll know whether you’re having a boy or a girl. She could also talk to a local florist, and have a box packed with pink or blue balloons. When the two of you open the box, the balloons will float out, revealing the gender of your baby.

You could also have balloons of a neutral color filled with a particular color of confetti. Once popped, they’ll reveal to you the baby’s sex. One additional idea you may want a florist’s help with is having flowers in pink or blue delivered to your house during the party. Everyone can find out the sex of your child as soon as the florist arrives. Need a bit more excitement? If it’s near Easter, have an Easter egg hunt. Have a single egg contain a piece of paper with the baby gender on it. After the egg hunt, everyone will open the eggs, and one of your guests will get to reveal the gender of the baby.

You can do the same thing with cake pops. A local bakery can prepare cake pops for all of your guests. Inside the center of one of the cake pops could be a pink or blue candy. Have all of your guests bite into their cake pops at the same time and check to see if they have the lucky center.

There are lots of great ways to reveal the gender of your baby. Whether you want to be in on the surprise or you simply want to let everyone else know, your imagination is the only limit to creating this exciting event.

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